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Keep Up to Date on Mortgage Product Policy Changes

Meet Mortech: Bhushan Suryawanshi

Mortech named to HousingWire’s 2020 TECH100™ list for innovative mortgage companies

The Story Behind Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

Get Ahead in 2020 by Offering HomeReady Products

Meet Mortech: Dustin Giddings

3 Reasons to Integrate Pricing into Your Loan Origination System Now!

Mortech Announces New Model for Customer Retention Platform

FHFA Announces Loan Limit Increases for 2020

Meet Mortech: Abhi Sahu

3 Benefits of Integrating Pricing into Your Point of Sale Platform

VA to Remove Loan Limit Restriction & Raise Funding Fees in 2020

Marketplace Quoting Strategies for Lenders

Reductions in Cash-Out Transactions Looking to Decrease Foreclosure Risks

Improved Product Features Available with New Encompass Release

Meet Mortech: Customer Success Team, Emily Meeske

Expiration of QM Patch Expected for 2021

Three Ways to Successfully Use Mortech Rate APIs

Low Mortgage Rates Offer Borrower Plenty of Options

Quicker Loan Closing Time with Mortech's New Blend Integration

Targeted Outreach Marketing with Mortech Protection

Marketplace Partner Integration - Let Us Serve You

Mortgage Rates Drop but Provide Little Relief to Falling Mortgage Applications

5 Benefits of Becoming a Marketplace Partner with Mortech

Lower Mortgage Rates Pushing Mortgage Demand

Digital Mortgage Made Simple with Roostify Integration

Meet Mortech: Customer Success Team, Chris Gibbons

How to Reach Various Target Audiences with Mortech Protection

3 Ways Mortech Protection Will Recharge Your Customer Retention

Meet Mortech: Customer Success Team, Brian Kohel

Meet Mortech: Customer Success Team, Cassandra Sitzman

Meet Mortech: Customer Success Team, Samantha Hermann

Have You Thought About LIBOR Going Away

Mortech Protection: The Secret’s in the Savings

Keeping Customers Despite Dipping Refinances

What You Should Do About Soaring Online Rate Marketplace Volume

FHFA Structure Declared Unconstitutional

Fannie Mae Announces EPMI Pilot

Mortech Protection: How Does it Work?

How to Better Spend Your Time and Marketing Dollars

Using Big Data to Your Advantage with Mortech Protection

Improving Customer Retention with Mortech Protection

Freddie Mac Announces New HomeOne Mortgage

The Convenience Factor: Mortech’s Integration with Arch MI

Market Yourself as a Supported Investor Together with Mortech

FOMC Raises Rates

Seamless Data Transfer Through Mortech APIs

The Advantages of Being a Supported Investor with Mortech

Your Transactions Handled: The Power of Mortech

Roll Back of Dodd-Frank Passes Senate

Online Quoting Without Rearranged Spend

Your Rates in the Right Place: Mortech’s Edge in Online Quoting

Rate APIs – More Than a Shopping Experience

Increased Interest in Renovation Mortgages Leads to Fannie Mae Product Enhancement

Mortech and Encompass: the Custom Experience You Need

Mortech and Calyx: Interoperability with You in Mind

Marksman and Byte: Seamless Data Transfer For You

Pricing Diversification With Your Account Manager

Predictions for Housing in 2018

Three Reasons You Should Be Using Rate Trackers

Increasing Your Pricing Coverage with HUD Products

Lead Routing Through Marksman: What’s the Point?

Right For Your Borrowers, Right For You: Cashout Products

Loan Limit Increases Announced for Second Consecutive Year

Mortech Security – Your Data in the Right Hands

Changes To Expect With The New Single Security

Mortech and Total Expert: Your Next Step in Mortgage Marketing

A Consistent Pricing Experience

Mortgage Hedging

Loan Origination Systems

Customer Relationship Management and Lead Management Systems

Point of Sale

Lender Websites

Lead Capture - Short Form/Long Form

Lead Capture – Online Rate Tables

An Enhanced Encompass Experience For Lenders

MBA Comes Out In Support of SAFE Transitional License Act

Competition Among Credit Score Models Being Considered

Profitability Automation and Tools with Mortech

Integration Spotlight: Ellie Mae's Encompass

Mortgage Pricing Consultation with Mortech

Rates are Finally Rising – What It Means for the Mortgage Landscape

APIs for Lead Capturing – Big Results with Short Forms

Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates

Four Reasons Why You Should Start Using the Mortech Marketplace Simulator

House Passes Financial CHOICE Act

Online Quoting Built Your Way with Mortech’s Mortgage APIs

Freddie Mac Housing Outlook Positive

Self-Service with Mortech's Marketplace Simulator

FHFA Shows Refinance Volume Down in Q1

Taking a Look 'Under the Hood' with the Mortech Status Page

Three Things You Should Do Before Summer Mortgage Season

Mortgage Quote Seasonality Revisited

Online Quoting: Are You Making the Grade?

Mobile Mortgage Being Developed by Bank of America

The Cost of Doing it Over Again

Proposed Changes To Updated HMDA

Marksman Investors: Getting Rates in Front of More Borrowers

Lenders Optimistic but Concerned with Profit Margins

Time Saving Through Rate Table Uploads

Can Raising the Fed Funds Rate be Good for the Housing Market?

Mortech APIs: The New Standard

An Argument for the eMortgage

Application Automation: The Speed You Need

Third Party Origination – Staying on the Same Page

A Single, Trusted Source for Mortgage Rate Auto Quoting

Mortech Listed to HousingWire TECH100™ for Fourth Consecutive Year

Spotlight on Monthly Complaint Snapshot from CFPB

Mortgage Hedging – When Should I Hedge?

Secondary Marketing Tools, Third Party Originators and LOS Integrations – Speed and Tools in a Vital Time

MBA Recommends GSE Reform

The Relationship Between Mortgage Rates and Online Quoting

Support Squad: Help at Your Fingertips

HUD Officially Suspends Premium Reduction

What's Happened to Mortgages Since the Housing Crisis?

FHA Reduces Annual Premiums on Most Mortgage Loans

Four Ways You Can Get 2017 Started on the Right Foot

2016: The Year in Mortgages

Meet Mortech: Zac Rabe

Interest in Mobile Mortgage Resources Increasing

Meet Mortech: Mike Russell

How Lenders and Point-of-Sale Tech are Leading the Digital Mortgage Revolution

Mortech's Year in Review

Loan Limit Increase for 2017

FHA Releases Annual Report Showing Healthy Growth

Support Squad: Does Now Work For You?

Freddie Mac Survey Suggests Real Estate Agent Influences Client’s Lender Choice

Streamline Your Front End Application Process with Mortech and Daric

Three Ways Our Mortgage APIs Help Your Business Succeed

Fannie Mae Releases Selling Guide Updates

Enhance Your Mortgage Processes with Mortech and Byte

Recent Marksman Integrations and Enhancements

CFPB Structure Ruled Unconstitutional, Ruling Against PHH Thrown Out

Empower Your Borrowers with Mortech and Daric

The Live Pricing Advantage

Support Squad: Call Me Old School

Economic Growth Expected to Rebound After “Lackluster” First Half

Three Reasons to use Live Pricing with Mortech

CoreLogic Releases Homeowner Equity Report

The Importance of Maximizing Investor Usage in Marksman

FHFA Index Shows a Decrease in Mortgage Rates for July

Three Ways You Can Control Your Profitability with Mortech

Rules, Rules, and More Rules

Your Next Step in Mortgage Product and Pricing

HARP Refinances Declining

What Mortech’s Daric® Integration Means For You

The Disclosure Desk and the Wasteful Steps in Avoiding Violations

Take Control of Your Profitability with Mortech

CFPB Updates Mortgage Servicing Rules

3 Ways to Improve Your Online Prospect Generation and Conversion with Mortech

Mortech’s History of Online Auto Quoting

S&P Case-Shiller Indices Released

APIs and Partner Integrations: The Lifeblood of the Mortgage Industry

Calculate the Time You Could Be Saving with Marksman

Large Amounts of Baby Boomers Expected to Enter Rental Market

Streamlining Your Workflow with Marksman's TPO Integration

Expanding Your Lending Strategy: Online Auto-Quoting with Mortech

Lenders “Cautiously Optimistic” About the Market

Support Squad: Summer Vacation

The Mortech Advantage

Baby Boomers Providing Competition to Millennials in Housing Market

Support Squad: Navigating a Roundabout

What’s it Like Living in Popular Filming Cities?

The CFPB Spring 2016 Rulemaking Agenda

Rule Proposed to End Incentive-Based Pay

Support Squad: Line Change

Launch of Loan Advisor Suite Approaches

The Power of Marksman®

Changing the Game with APIs

CFPB to Revisit TRID

Meet Mortech: Brett Schommer

@ Mortech: Bring Your Child to Work Day

On Investors: Good News and Met Expectations

Meet Mortech: Rachel Ryan

Credit Score Enhancements Expected to Increase Loan Approvals

Is Everything Bigger in Texas?

FHFA Announces Principal Reduction Modification Program

@ Mortech: Best Places to Work in LNK

Meet Mortech: Jared Stauffer

Synergy with Marksman: Confidence through Balance

Support Squad: Spring is Here!

CFPB Broadening QM Coverage

Mortgage APIs: Little Work, Big Reward

Support Squad: Marksman - Your Company Pricing Surge Protector

Fannie Mae Expects Fed Funds Rate Hike in June and December

February Showed Big Volume Increases, Rate Decreases

On Investors: Fed Changes Direction and Speed

@ Mortech: Innovation Week

Mortech and Encompass TPO: Innovation and Integration

ABA Survey Shows TRID Limits Products and Extends Processing Times

The NCAA Tournament According to Mortgages

Home Prices Increase for 18 Consecutive Quarters

Spring Awakening: Three Ways to Prepare for the Mortgage Busy Season

Support Squad: Who's Writing Your Playbook?

TRID Rule Correction

TPO vs. Non-TPO Users in Marksman

On Investors: Inflation Pressure Continues to Rise

@ Mortech: Zillow Turns 10

Support Squad: Evolve to Involve

FHFA and the Agencies Announce Independent Dispute Resolution Program

Homeownership Rates on the Upswing

To Co-Borrow or Not to Co-Borrow

Four Tips for Sending Better Emails to Potential Borrowers

Support Squad: When Who You Know Isn’t Enough

Fannie Mae Gauges Consumer Knowledge on Qualification Criteria

Lead Generation: Four Simple Ways to Improve Slow Months

30 Days Later: What Happened After the Rate Hike Announcement?

On Investors: The Market Relaxes

@ Mortech: Family Skate Night

Will FICO Scores No Longer Matter in the Mortgage Transaction?

Support Squad: Go for Goals

How Do 2015’s Mortgage Statistics Compare to Previous Years?

On Investors: Positive Reports, Negative Responses

@ Mortech: A Look Back on 2015

Getting 2016 Started Right

Support Squad:  I’m Going to Need That Report

The Mortgages Playoff

Support Squad: The Integrations Awaken

On Investors: The Fed is On the Rise

@ Mortech: Mortgage Team Meetup

@ Mortech: Nebraska JavaScript Meetup

The Least Wonderful Time of the Year…For Mortgage Quote Volume

Support Squad: All Aboard

Mortech and Calyx: What Our Integration Means For You

On Investors: Rate Hike A Near Certainty

@ Mortech - Food Drive

Revamp of QM Rule Passed by House

Independent Lending With Mortech

Support Squad: We Are Listening

@ Mortech – Fitness and Healthy Living

Falsely Raising Credit Scores

Support Squad: Rotation Matters

On Investors: The Game Continues

Meet Mortech: Jessica Schwab

We’ve Got What You Need: Which Product Tier Best Fits You

IRRRLs: A Look At Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan Data

Meet Mortech: Rebecca Zoz

Fannie Mae Announces New Tools

­­Four Ways to Improve How You Use Marksman’s Dynamic Pipeline

Support Squad: Huddle Up

Happy Halloween From Mortech

Utilizing Marksman's CRMs to Build Better Customer Relationships

The Fed Decided Not to Raise Rates. What Happened Next?

TRID Brings Integration Appreciation

Support Squad: Calling All Prospects

On Investors: Some Slight Decline

Mortgage Insurance Compared to Age Groups

On Investors: Weird Becoming Normal

CFPB Defines “Small Creditor” and “Rural Areas” Under TILA

Support Squad: Marksman Reports - Your Life Made Easier

A Look At Investment Properties

On Investors: Still a Roller Coaster

Support Squad: Market Fresh

On Investors: Fed Keeps Rates At Record Lows

A Look Into the Northeast

Freddie Mac Expands Eligibility for Modifications

Fannie Mae Announces HomeReady™ Mortgage

On Investors: Wild Market Swings Continue

A Look At Jumbo Loans Compared to Rate

Meet Mortech: Doug Foral

Mortech's Integration With Ellie Mae's Encompass

CFPB Releases Question Index For TRID

Support Squad: Buckle Up

CFPB Promotes Technology

Meet Mortech: Jeff Schneider

On Investors: All Eyes On China

Support Squad: Rates - Who Wants What

Meet Mortech: Austin Lehr

On Investors: The Fed in the Driver's Seat

Lead Source Management With Marksman

Industry Bands Together For Official TRID Hold-Harmless Period

LPMI Functionality Within Marksman

Meet Mortech: Katie Sheridan

At the Speed of Marksman

Support Squad: POOF! It’s Gone

Meet Mortech: Matthew Baxa

Wrapping Our Heads Around ARMs

Meet Mortech: Julia Perry

On Investors: Keep Bailing

First-Time Homebuyers Not Riskier, Just Young and Inexperienced

Support Squad: ConQuering Quotes Quickly

Meet Mortech: Jenna Killion

On Investors: Fallout and Impact

Proposal to Delay TRID Again

Purchasing vs. Refinancing: Where Are We Now?

Mortech’s Product Tiers: Find the Right Fit For Your Business

CFPB Proposes Delay on TRID Implementation

Support Squad: Drip Marketing

Meet Mortech: Todd Bohling

On Investors: The Waiting Game Continues

Second Home Locks By Rate and State

Vague Grace Period for Enforcement of TRID is Granted

Support Squad: Product Cross Reference

Meet Mortech: Jon Ross

On Investors: On The MBS Threshold

Mortech Support: Here to Help You

The Dog Days of Rate Trackers

Meet Mortech: Krista Odbert

Mortech General Manager Doug Foral Named to Housing Wire’s List of Rising Stars For 2015

CFPB's 2015 Agenda

Meet Mortech: Rob Smith

On Investors: Getting Down To It

A Look At VA Quotes and Rates In Marksman

Marksman: Your Mortgage Tool Box

CFPB Releases Reminder for Lenders about Public Assistance

Usage to Quotes: Product Availability In Marksman

Meet Mortech: Eric Rock

Proposed Changes to the S.A.F.E. Act

On Investors: Where Are We Headed?

Meet Mortech: Brandon Earnest

VA Requests More Itemization

On Investors: Positioning For the Future

Meet Mortech: Ryan Cameron

Three Things You Probably Didn't Know About Marksman's Rates Page

FHFA Announces Revised PMI Eligibility Requirements for GSEs

Concerns Arise Over Consumer Complaint Database

On Investors: Loosening of Credit

Average Age and Purchase Price per Mortgage Loan by State

Meet Mortech: Josh Lehr

Fannie Mae Announces Sale of NPLs

Meet Mortech: Matthew Theis

Fannie Mae Introduces Additional eClosings & eMortgages Support

Meet Mortech: Troy Ray

Mortgage Quote Seasonality

CFPB Finalizes Consumer Complaint Narrative Policy

Tuesday Training Tips - March 31st, 2015

Mortech Concludes Lender Co-Marketing Luncheon

Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Releases New Guide to TRID

Tuesday Training Tips - March 24th, 2015

Quote Per Housing Type in Relation to Rates

Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey Shows Optimism

Tuesday Training Tips - March 17th, 2015

Meet Mortech: Travis Eckhardt

Non-Performing Loan Requirements Set by FHFA

Tuesday Training Tips - March 10th, 2015

Mortgage Websites With Mortech

Meet Mortech: Mike Sanley

Mortgage Rates on the Rise According to Freddie Mac

Tuesday Training Tips - March 3rd, 2015

Purchasing vs. Refinancing: a Look Back on 2014

Mortgage Industry Bits and Pieces

Tuesday Training

Meet Mortech: Luke Derowitsch

Fannie Mae Provides Clarification Regarding Collateral Underwriter

Tuesday Training Tips - February 17th, 2015

Utilizing Secondary Marketing Tools to Maximize Your Business's Potential

Meet Mortech: Melody Vaccaro

FHFA Proposes Minimum Eligibility Requirements Fannie and Freddie Sellers

Tuesday Training Tips - February 10th, 2015

Meet Mortech: Erin Hussey

Updated Rural Development Eligibility Maps

Comparing FICO, LTV, and Purchase Prices Across the Country

Tuesday Training Tips - February 3rd, 2015

Meet Mortech: Kyra Garcia

Mortgage Lending Trends for 2015

Tuesday Training Tips - January 27th, 2015

Meet Mortech: Chris Gibbons

FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Decrease

Tuesday Training Tips - January 20th, 2015

Timesaving With Mortech and Marksman®

Meet Mortech: Samantha Hermann

Tuesday Training Tips - January 13th, 2015

2014 by the Numbers

Meet Mortech: Desiree

Collateral Underwriter Coming Soon

Tuesday Training Tips - January 6th, 2015

Mortech’s Doug Foral Recognized as Top 40 Mortgage Pro Under 40 for Second Consecutive Year

2014: A Look Back and a Step Forward

Mortgage Industry Bits and Pieces

Tuesday Training Tips - December 23rd, 2014

Meet Mortech: Liz Shehorn

Tuesday Training Tips - December 16th, 2014

Historical Pricing Time-Saving By the Numbers

Meet Mortech: Brian Kohel

The New Loan Estimate

Tuesday Training Tips - December 9th, 2014

Meet Mortech: Hunter Shellhase

Mortgage Industry Bits and Pieces

Tuesday Training Tips - December 2nd, 2014

Mortgage Industry Bits and Pieces

Tuesday Training Tips - November 25th, 2014

Meet Mortech: Antonio Diaz

Pricing Discretion---Fair Lending Risk

Tuesday Training Tips - November 17th, 2014

HUD Adopts Part of the QM Amendments

Meet Mortech: Dennis Lollman

Mortgage Industry Bits and Pieces

Tuesday Training Tips - November 3rd, 2014

The QRM Is Here

Freddie Mac Enhances Home Possible Product

Mortgage Industry Bits and Pieces

FHA Looking to Get Back to Roots

Fair Housing Act Update

CFPB Suggests Relief for Pain Points in the QM

Mortgage Industry Odds & Ends

Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval?

HUD Announces Changes

Compliance Update

Compliance, the CFPB, and the Risk of Advertised Rates

Mortgage Industry Bits and Pieces

Defining Closing Costs & Prepaid Finance Charges

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Reform Proposed

My APR is lower than my note rate --- can that be right?

CFPB Clarifies “Mini-Correspondents” Position

HELOCs --- Are You Ready?

Recovering Profitability by Supporting File, Funding, Admin Fees

What’s a G-Fee?

Possible Definition Change for ‘Points and Fees’ in Recently Amended Bill

Possibility of HARP 3.0 Looks Bleak

Improving Your Web Presence for New Faces in the Housing Market

Qualified Mortgage: The VA's Definition

Mortech Training Tips: Leave Your Customers on a High Note

“Hitting the Snooze” on First Quarter Goals

Marketing Mortgages to Younger Generations: Technology is Key

Mortech’s Don Kracl to speak at the Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference

Compliance and Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance

Creating a Workflow for the CFPB’s 3% Rule

Mortgage Lead Management in a Technology Driven World

Reverse Mortgages: Reaching Retirement in a Compliant Manner

Countdown to QM Compliance

Mortech’s Doug Foral Recognized as Top 40 Mortgage Pro Under 40

Two Questions Every Mortgage Pro Needs to Answer Before 2014

What Gets Monitored Gets Done...Right

Dynamic Pipeline: A Better Way to Manage Leads

Why Compliance Begins Before the Application is Taken

Successfully Transitioning from a Refinance to Purchase Market

Re-thinking the Broker to Mini-Correspondent Strategy?

Should You Become a Mini-Correspondent as a Compliance Strategy?

Introducing Mortech Training Tips: Your Mortgage Lending Resource

Compliance Corner: The Third ATR Safe Harbor Test for the QM Rule

Compliance Corner: The Second ATR Safe Harbor Test in the QM Rule

Compliance Corner: Testing for Safe Harbors in the QM Rule (Part 1)

Two Stats That Will Change Your Online Mortgage Lead Strategy

Mortech™ Parent Makes Top 50 Service Provider List

Top 4 Reasons Every Lender Needs an App

Mortech Partners with LendersApps

The ECHO experience, the finale.

Exciting News to Share: We're Joining Zillow

The ECHO button experience, Part 2.

One ECHO button customer’s experience.

Good Customer Service is Great for Business

Is Your Appraisal Process Slowing You Down?

Two Marketing Essentials for the Modern Day Mortgage Banker

Marksman, Mortgage Insurance at the Touch of a Button

Build Your Own Robot With MarksmanLMP Widgets

One BIG Deal: Mortech is a Giant of Innovation

Mortech Makes Mortgage Banking Software Look Good | 3 New Changes

Mortech Gives Back

Have you met MarksmanLMP's new neighbor? OrderProUSA

Got Moustache? Mortech does.

Avoid a Rope-A-Dope with Lender Connect

MarksmanLMP Is The One That You Want

A Snapshot of PMI Over the Last Four Years

Mortech Ventures to the MBA

Marksman Marketplace: Mortech's Newest Masterpiece

3 Ways Mortgage Bankers Can Defeat Boring Emails

Marksman Communication, in the Blink of an Eye!

Mortech is On Top of the World!

Marksman Rate Tables: As Cool as Owning a Mini Giraffe

5 Social Media Tricks Mortgage Pros Can Do Now

Mortgage Hedging: Part I

How Much Do You Know About FICO?

Don’t Play Golf with Your Moms Clubs

Takeaways from the 2011 Mortgage Banker Tech Conference

Traditional Lending and Online Lending: Apply the Same Practices

Real Estate and Mortgage Technology Connect Platforms

Introducing Bullseye: Front-End Loan Management Solution

Online Lending for Mortgage Bankers Part 3: Smooth Sailing

Online Lending for Mortgage Bankers Part 2: Jump in!

Online Lending Part 1: Time to Dip your Toe in the Water

RateBridge Connects Your Mortgage Rate Tables

Mortgage Pricing Engine: Buy One, Get One Free

Marksman Release Notes Explained