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Support Squad: Who's Writing Your Playbook?

Posted by Brian Kohel on Mar 2, 2016 2:01:44 PM

Support Squad by Brian Kohel
Coaching youth sports has allowed me to utilize some creativity when designing plays, as well as placing the players in situations for them to shine and help the team achieve success. Obviously different sports require different skills for the athletes to be successful, and as the coach, it’s my job to both determine the best spots for different players, and what plays are the best to run for them to succeed. Mortech allows you to do the same thing with data we can provide to you through our API (application program interface) capability.


Just like no two mortgage loans are the same, more and more lenders are building out their own product offerings available to the consumers. Mortech does have multiple existing Consumer Direct Interfaces in place already, and we are seeing more and more of these being implemented each month.


Just like coaches designing a playbook, your company is able to decide what data to pull or send to Marksman and how to use it with each 3rd party vendor you choose to partner with. I’ve always likened API calls to your company playbook, and the third party is the sport your team is playing. Obviously different sports call for different plays, and maybe even different players.  In football, the offense has running and passing plays, much like your company has pricing and lead management plays. Both of these can be managed through Mortech via the API calls.


The need to quickly and easily integrate with multiple third party vendors is growing rapidly. Making mid-game adjustments is easy to do as well with the documentation our team will provide you, giving you a field by field layout of what data can be called.


Mortech’s API solution is a quick way to decide which data will work best for your team and your clientele. So grab a clipboard and maybe even a whistle and start drawing up your playbook!


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Who's writing your teams' playbook?


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