Mortech Protection


A New Era of Customer Retention

Mortech Protection uses a predictive model to find the properties in your servicing portfolio that are likely to be listed in the 

next 90 days. By using Zillow data, our product can cross reference your list of addresses with the millions of users visiting Zillow every month.


How it works:

  1. You upload your list of addresses within your current customer database for Mortech to monitor
  2. Mortech uses our predictive model to find potential for sale listings (including Zestimates) as well as current for sale listings, returning those results to you
  3. You can target your outreach marketing to those properties at the opportune time, with the relevant messaging

How accurate is the predictive model:

Your customer database will be broken into four predictive levels (low, medium, high, and very high). Out of a 100k property portfolio, you could expect:




Changes based on seasonality and other factors, but latest is below*

Mortech Protection Accuracy