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Customer Success Stories


"At Loan Pronto, we are obsessed with marketing and lead generation. Mortech is the engine that fuels our website which creates 1200-1500 unique inbound leads per month. Their team worked closely with our web developer to implement our pricing engine which has worked seamlessly for the last two and a half years with zero downtime. Great team. Great product."

Roger Moore
Loan Pronto

"At Axos Bank, our mortgage professionals rely on Mortech Protection to help identify when customers are potentially in the market to buy, sell or refinance their home. With the information gleaned from Mortech Protection, we can proactively provide customers with additional tools on mortgages and deposit products that can help them when they decide to move forward with a transaction. "

John Dustman
SVP, Consumer Direct Lending
Axos Bank

"Prior to becoming a Mortech customer we had constant trouble with uploading pricing to our advertisers in an effective manner. We are now able to load multiple lead platforms from one singular source without having to duplicate efforts thanks to Mortech and their pricing engine, Marksman. I really enjoy the ease to move margins when necessary as well as turn off and on lead sources with a click of a button. I would recommend becoming a customer of Mortech for the ease of use. I wear many hats at the bank and being able to move things quickly and easily is a must for me."

Matt Jarboe
Vice President
First Internet Bank

"Before using Mortech's PPE we had to one-off go to the direct lender to price loans out and it was taking too much of our time going from one to another. With Marksman we are able to price multiple lenders at the same time. I have had a great experience working with the Customer Success Team, they are wonderful to work with and always helpful. I definitely recommend working with Mortech!"

Frank Ciambriello
Owner LO
AFC Mortgage Group, LLC

"Before Mortech we had no centralized place where all of our pricing was. With the help of the Marksman platform we are now able to have all relevant rate info for our lenders in one location for easy access. My favorite feature inside of the pricing engine is the ability to customize everything based on the set up we have at Barton Creek Lending Group. My experience with Mortech has been great and the support they have given me has been outstanding!"

Thomas O'Donnell
Partner - Residential Mortgage Loan
Barton Creek Lending Group

“Mortech has been a trusted partner of Stride Bank, National Association for over 10 years and we have complete confidence in the mortgage technology services they provide lenders. When our account needs grew exponentially in a very short period of time, their customer support staff was excellent and assisted us with a tremendous volume increase. Great customer service!”

Dustin Gerlach
VP Secondary Marketing Manager
Stride Bank, National Association

"NBKC Bank has been a partner with Mortech throughout many lifecycles of the rate market since 2004. Mortech shines the brightest when rates are volatile and we need to stay nimble and precise on our pricing strategy. The tools Mortech has created gives us the comfort to adjust quickly and accurately at times when business is moving fast. The support staff has consistently been there to help when the need arises, and you know that your voice is always heard."

Dan Stevens
Customer Acquisition, SVP

"We have been using Mortech for several years now and we’re very satisfied. Marksman gives my LOs the ability to compare all of our investor pricing and quickly quote a rate while on the phone with a borrower. This has greatly increased our conversion ratios. I also subscribe to their service to generate a best offer for a given scenario on Zillow. It’s a very accurate and painless way for me to post rates as it just pulls the best rate straight from my profile in Marksman."

Bill Weeks
Federated Mortgage Corp

"The Mortech team is integral to the HomePlus Mortgage growth and success. Since switching to the Mortech pricing engine and lead management system our closed loan volume has doubled.

I attribute this increase in closed loan volume to the pricing engine accuracy and the lead management system Mortech provides. We have experienced an increase in lead volume and conversions from our rate table campaigns due to improved accuracy in pricing. Also the lead management system is a significant improvement over our previous system in terms of user friendly interface and targeted drip email campaigns. The Mortech lead management system has contributed greatly to the increase in closed loan volume and conversion rates.

Our highest converting lead sources are customers generated from the Zillow Mortgage marketplace. The improved Mortech pricing engine has tripled our lead volume from the Zillow Custom Quotes platform and contributed greatly to our success on Zillow.

This success was enabled by the superior service from the Mortech support and sales team. Their initial hands on approach to our set up and follow though enabled us to be up and running with Mortech rapidly. Also the continued professional support has enabled HomePlus Mortgage to refine and customize the lead management, pricing engine, improve our campaigns and generate high converting borrowers. Because of the high level of customer support were able to increase closed loan volume in short amount of time and increase our profit significantly. We look forward to a mutually profitable relationship with the Mortech team. Thank you Mortech!"

Philip J. Pizzino Jr.
Founder and CEO
HomePlus Corporation