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Streamlining Your Workflow with Marksman's TPO Integration

Posted by Brian Hall on Jul 7, 2016 1:37:49 PM

Streamlining your workflow with Marksman's TPO integration.Condensing technology and streamlining processes is the goal of anyone who wants to work as efficiently as possible. A process that can be done on one screen instead of two becomes faster, easier, and allows for more work to get done. It’s the basic idea that less is more; the less time and resources that have to be devoted to one thing mean that more things can be accomplished.


Perhaps most importantly of all, streamlining workflows makes better use of time, allowing for more important things to take the place of the lesser. If a process that takes you 20 minutes and navigation between two computer screens can instead be done on one screen over the course of ten minutes, that halves the process time, and gives back ten minutes to focus on something that’s almost certainly more important. While that might not seem like much on its own, condensing and streamlining all of your processes creates several chunks of time given back that can add up to make a big difference.


Mortech has worked extensively to streamline processes for Marksman® users. Our vast array of secondary marketing tools has allowed for a more centralized pipeline that improves visibility and management reporting, lenders saving time and resources on loan re-pricing with Historical Pricing functionality, and tools that allow for custom reports presenting vital business statistics to be given in a detailed or summary format. Mortech also has implemented several LOS integrations that allow lenders access to the Marksman rates page and product and eligibility guidelines, to send loan information directly to their LOS, and transmit custom rate sheets from Marksman for distribution of rate changes.


Most recently, Mortech worked with Ellie, creating a Third Party Origination integration between Marksman and Ellie Mae’s Encompass®. This new integration simplifies the TPO workflow for Marksman users, and allows them to send the most complete pricing to Encompass, including Buy Side/Sell Side, Base Price, LLPAs, and SRPs. The integration also allows for a streamlined secondary desk accessible within Encompass, allowing you to streamline your lock process with Mortech’s secondary tools. You’ll be able to manage multiple TPO channels at once, viewing pricing and managing borrower files, while also submitting locks directly to your secondary team and generating your own rate sheets.


This integration brings us back to that idea of simplifying processes to give lenders back some valuable time, allowing them to spend more energy on working and closing leads, and not wasting time with overly-complicated processes. Want to find out more? Contact us today to learn more about saving time and converting more leads with Mortech’s Encompass TPO integration.


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Streamlined workflow with Marksman's Ellie Mae Encompass TPO integration.

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