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Third Party Origination – Staying on the Same Page

Posted by Brian Hall on Mar 6, 2017 12:58:44 PM

Staying on the same page with our TPO functionalityOne of the biggest challenges for third party originators can be keeping all of your lenders on the same page. The more lenders you have, the harder it can be to keep everyone updated on rate sheets, pricing, and your different borrowers and who is assigned to whom. Keeping these things in check is key for third party originators, though, as doing so keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently.


Fortunately, Mortech provides a robust set of Third Party Originator (TPO) tools and services, designed to make your experience as efficient and organized as possible. We wrote a little bit on our LOS integrations recently, and the tools you can user from those are huge in keeping all of your lenders organized and on the same page. Things like being able to send the most complete and accurate pricing to your LOS for your lenders, keeping track of customer milestones and action items, and streamlining your lock and secondary desk practices are all major positives for TPO users maintaining a healthy business.


However, Mortech provides more tools even beyond the various LOS tools and integrations. Our TPO functionality allows for lenders to view pricing and manage all of their borrowers online, as well as submit locks directly to their secondary team, and instantly generate custom rate sheets that are viewable by all lenders within their LOS. These different organizational tools allow for TPO users to ensure that all of their lenders are seeing only the most updated data and pricing, and keeps everyone on track together, regardless of the number and distance between different lenders.


And with all of these tools, the one thing you don’t have to sacrifice is your valuable time. Mortech automates and streamlines your day-to-day processes, meaning that you not only keep all of your lenders organized and together, but you do so without having to lose focus on your primary objective: your borrowers. Furthermore, these condensed processes for rates, comparisons, and reviews are all available on a single page within Marksman, so anytime you’re looking for them, you can find them all in one place.


Marksman’s TPO tools and integrations make life better for TPO users, and also all of the lenders in their network. To find out more about how these tools can keep your business and lenders running smoothly, and keep you all focused on your borrowers, contact us today for a short, free demo.



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