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Secondary Marketing Tools, Third Party Originators and LOS Integrations – Speed and Tools in a Vital Time

Posted by Brian Hall on Feb 16, 2017 1:55:27 PM

mortech-secondaryblog.jpgGone are the days of, “I’ll get that to you tomorrow”. Ever since the internet began powering our everyday lives, the world has become that of instant gratification, for better or worse. Everything from the news we get, to the way we communicate happens instantly, and waiting too long can drive those you’re communicating with crazy. These same ideas have spread into how businesses, and even entire industries, operate. As communicating and working together becomes faster and more simplified, utilizing these tools keep your business ahead of the curve.


One such example in the mortgage industry is through working with third party originators. The larger your network of originators, the harder it can be to view and manage all of those borrowers, send data to your secondary team, and stay updated on your customers throughout the loan process. Dropping the ball in any of these things can result in a negative experience for a customer, or less-than-ideal business processes that make life harder for everyone in your business. But, with the right tools, you don’t have to sacrifice speed and communication.


Enter Mortech. By utilizing our pricing engine directly from within your LOS, you can access the most complete pricing, including Buy Side/Sell Side, Base Price, LLPAs, and more. Stay updated on customer milestones and trigger email campaigns and LO actions based loan status, ensuring that you’re staying updated on and in communication with customers throughout the borrowing process. Mortech also provides secondary desk tools that allow you to streamline your lock process, with things like historical pricing, lock notifications, change requests, and more.


Users on Loan Origination Systems (LOS) such as Calyx and EllieMae’s Encompass® don’t need to worry about clicking through extra screens or windows to access Mortech’s pricing engine tools and data. Mortech integrates directly with industry-leading LOS platforms to provide that data in the same interface, allowing for quicker, more streamlined viewing and managing of data and use of tools, for better and faster business procedures that improve your business’s workflow and keep your customers happy.


In an age of speed and instant communication, don’t catch yourself going too slow to keep up. Contact Mortech today to find out how you can begin utilizing these secondary marketing tools directly from within your LOS, and shift your business into a new gear.



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