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Four Tips for Sending Better Emails to Potential Borrowers

Posted by Brian Hall on Feb 3, 2016 12:47:20 PM

Four Tips for Sending Better Emials by Brian HallLast week we published a blog of four simple ways to improve lead generation. The first among them was sending a seasonal email campaign, however I wanted to expand more on that this week, simply because of how prevalent emailing potential borrowers can be in the mortgage industry. Email is a quick and easy way to contact several different borrowers at once, and get your business noticed. Unfortunately for marketers, people do everything they can to avoid emails that they don’t think are relevant or interesting to them, making well-crafted emails a necessity for any business looking to use it as a marketing strategy. With continued increased compliance regulations around mortgage advertising and marketing, it's important lenders take full onus of ensuring they adhere to all compliance regulations when communicating with potential borrowers. So with that in mind, here are four ways to create and send better emails to potential borrowers.

Get Their Attention Early

Whether in the subject line, a big call-to-action (CTA) at the top, or the first line of the email (or even better, all three), having something that will grab the lead’s attention is vital. If a reader isn’t immediately interested in what you’ve got to say, they’ll likely hit the delete key and move on, and you’ll have missed your chance to establish that connection. Maybe you’ve got a seasonal special going on, or perhaps you’re alerting them of a dip in current rates. Whatever it is, it needs to be relevant and interesting, and make the potential borrower want to keep reading what you’re trying to tell them.

More Meaningful, Less Persistent

It’s very rare that anybody wants to receive multiple emails a week from one sender, especially when it’s a company they haven’t done business with or maybe even heard of. While it is important to maintain consistent contact with a potential borrower, too much of that contact can have a negative effect as well. Flooding a lead’s inbox with messages will typically lead them to be unresponsive and annoyed. So instead of sending multiple emails a day or week to a lead, try focusing more on the meaning behind the message, and connect with them on a personal level. By making them, as an individual, feel like you understand and care about the future decisions they’ll have to make with buying a home can go a long way.

Show Them That You’re the Expert

Buying a house can be one of the most daunting processes for any lead, and the comfort of having a knowledgeable lender behind them is invaluable. By showing a lead that you’re an expert in the mortgage industry, you’re telling them that they need you in their corner if they want the process to go as smooth as possible. You might try including current mortgage rates, or commentary on current industry happenings and how it can affect them as a borrower. Anything to show potential borrowers that you understand the industry and can show them what’s best can go a long way. 

Show Them Where to Go Next

Whether you’re sending them current rates, market updates, or seasonal specials, you need to have some sort of CTA that your lead can follow. Once they’re drawn in, sending them to the right page is key for keeping them interested and getting them to convert to your business. A lot of thought should be put into where you want to send potential borrowers, and you may even want to cater CTAs to different “types” of borrowers as well. The bottom line: having a well-made email that gets a lead’s attention go to waste because of a lackluster CTA completely ruins the point of the email in the first place, so sending those potential borrowers to the right place is crucial.


Marksman provides the tools for you to create custom email campaigns for clients, but it’s ultimately up to you to make them stick with borrowers. By utilizing our email campaigns and these tips to send better emails, you can bring new potential borrowers in and keep new leads coming back for more. If you’re not a Marksman user, you can talk with us today about custom email campaigns, as well as all of the other tools we can provide you.


Four ways to send better emails to potential borrowers.


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