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Mortech and Total Expert: Your Next Step in Mortgage Marketing

Posted by Brian Hall on Oct 27, 2017 2:56:35 PM

As the mortgage world gets bigger and more competitive, finding new ways to reach potential borrowers is a must. Relying on old tricks can only get you so far, and lenders that are always learning and using new tricks and tools are in a position to consistently stay ahead of the game.


Mortech is always working to give those new tricks and tools to our users. As such, we frequently integrate with companies and systems that provide those services, and integrate our pricing data into them. The latest example of this is our new integration with Total Expert.


Through integrating with Total Expert, users can add accurate, complaint mortgage rates to their marketing and co-marketing materials:


Sending out an email campaign to a list of prospects?

Include the day’s mortgage rates.


Have an open house coming up?

You can put your mortgage rates directly on the flyer.


Sending out postcards and other mail so your prospects keep you in mind?

Add your rates for a more personal touch.


This increased personalization betters the lender’s ability to market to their borrowers, and improves the overall borrower experience by having these rates sent to them, without having to worry about inaccuracy. With Mortech and Total Expert, you can utilize new tools that put your rates in front of more borrowers, more frequently.


Want to find out more? Reach out to us today, and let us talk with you about our integration with Total Expert, as well as everything our mortgage pricing engine can offer you.


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Mortech and Total Expert integration

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