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Taking a Look 'Under the Hood' with the Mortech Status Page

Posted by Brian Kohel on May 25, 2017 12:34:37 PM

Marksman Status PageRecently I went to a car show and was blown away by all of the real-time stats available on the dashboards of the newer vehicles (and, of course, the new car smell). Things like individual tire pressure, exact engine temp, oil pressure, etc. were all available for the driver to see in on convenient place. It got me thinking about Mortech’s status page - just like a car’s dashboard, the status page is a real-time look into Mortech’s system performance.


Really, you should think of Marksman as your vehicle to retrieving fast accurate pricing, giving a glance at all of the different services Mortech provides. Whether it be Marksman Rates, Lead Posting Services, or email marketing just to name a few, all have a real-time status to show on this page. If Marksman is your vehicle, then think of this status page as your personal dashboard. Not only does this page help us be more transparent with you about availability and performance of Mortech products and services, but allows you to quickly and easily check on the status of your 'vehicle' without having to call your 'mechanic' - your Mortech account manager, in this case. 


I would urge you to bookmark this page as well, so that you always have quick and easy access. You can also go ahead and click on the ‘Subscribe to Updates’ button at the top of the page, so you can be alerted of any changes in these statuses. If you have any further questions regarding this page, or just want to know more about what Marksman has  'under the hood', reach out to your account manager.


Go to the Status Page


Marksman status page

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