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Four Reasons Why You Should Start Using the Mortech Marketplace Simulator

Posted by Brian Hall on Jun 19, 2017 2:23:25 PM

brian_6-19-17.jpgEarlier this month we wrote about the level of self-service that Mortech’s new Marketplace Simulator can provide our users. However, with such a robust tool at your disposal, knowing how to best utilize it to maximize results can be tricky. With that in mind, we wanted to help you better understand the benefits of the Marketplace Simulator so that you can begin reaping the benefits it has to offer. So here are four reasons why you should be using Mortech’s Marketplace Simulator today.


Empowers you with self-reliance and internal auditing


One of the most frustrating things as a business is having to rely on someone else to tell you if your information is accurate and correct. You have to submit a request, wait for them to look into everything, and then get back to you with what they find out. That process can be slow and costly, especially if it turns out that something isn’t quite what you thought it was. But with the Marketplace Simulator, you have the power to self-audit your information on your own time. No more waiting for someone else to get back to you and cost you time and money – you’re empowered to do it all on your own. This self-reliance provides you the assurance that everything you’re inputting and checking is accurate and exactly what you want.


All pricing is done in real time


Just as keeping your online rate information accurate is important, so is making sure the information you’re testing with is. With Mortech’s Marketplace Simulator, users can test scenarios with information that is automatically updated in real time, ensuring that these scenarios are always accurate and up-to-date. Never worry about having to go in and reconfigure or retest everything – all of the information you need is already as recent as it can be!


Allows you to test a scenario without having to rekey data


You’ve just finished typing up a whole screen’s worth of information when suddenly, you think of one other thing to check. You click on the link to find the information you need, but by taking you to the new screen it deletes all the information you already submitted. We’ve all been there, right?


Fortunately, the Marketplace Simulator opens its own interface in a separate window, but on the same screen. This means you don’t have to click over between screens to try and figure out the information you need, but also don’t have to worry about previously inputted data getting lost or erased. You can simply click the link to open the simulator interface, test the scenario you need, and then exit the simulator right back into the rates page, with your entered information saved. It’s that easy!


Acts as a framework for future tools and features based on your feedback


Not only can you do all of the aforementioned things with Marketplace Simulator, but it will also act as the foundation for new tools and features in the future. Mortech is committed to providing our users tools and processes that help them close more loans, faster, and with less energy spent focusing on their own day-to-day tasks. And if you think of a feature or tool you’d like to see us put into action, give us feedback and let us know. We’re excited to use Marketplace Simulator as a framework for new features and functions all designed to help you do your business better.


To find out more about the Marketplace Simulator and begin utilizing everything it has to offer, contact your Mortech account manager. Not currently a Marksman user? Contact us today to chat about how you can start taking advantage of all of our mortgage tools and integrations.


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