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APIs for Lead Capturing – Big Results with Short Forms

Posted by Brian Hall on Jun 28, 2017 2:38:05 PM

Mortgage APIs | Lead Capturing | Online Mortgage QuotingOne of the most positive benefits of Mortech’s Mortgage APIs are the many ways in which a lender can utilize them for lead capturing. From rate tables to longform applications, lenders are already seeing the benefits of implementing our APIs to build the best way to capture leads for them.


The end goal of these two solutions is simple – the former’s is to immediately put rates in front of the borrower so that they can see up front what you’re offering right away, and the latter’s is to get detailed information about a borrower so that you can offer them a much more detailed and specific borrowing option. However, one oft-overlooked solution that combines the best of both of these things is shortform applications.


With a shortform application process on your website, you can put rates in front of your borrowers right away, while still gathering some basic information when looking into that specific scenario. And yet, most shortform mortgage applications don’t provide rates at the end of the process.


With Mortech’s rate APIs though, you can push live rates at the end of the shortform, and the borrower can see rates pertinent to the answers they chose in the application. This provides them with some of the immediate satisfaction that they want, arms you with a little more information at the start of the process, and can even reduce they need to have to immediately contact a borrower so that you can get them your rates.


With the conversion issues that can stem from a shotform application, injecting something like live rates at the end of the experience for the borrower could be just what that process, and your company, need. Fortunately, with Mortech’s suite of Mortgage APIs being able to build that experience is not just entirely possible, but as the world of mortgages keeps becoming faster and more digital, something you should highly consider doing.


To find out more about our Mortgage APIs and how you can begin using them to build the custom solution your business needs, you can reach out to us today.


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Mortgage APIs | Mortgage Lead Capturing | Online Mortgage Rates

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