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Meet Mortech: Gowri Sivanathan

Posted by Alexus Matulka on Mar 30, 2021 1:54:47 PM



This week on Meet Mortech we want to introduce you all to our Senior Manager of Product Management, Gowri Sivanathan! 


Favorite part of the job: The people. Being in product management, I engage with stakeholders, engineers and customers often. I love working cross-functionally.  


Favorite things to do on days off: Read, cook, evening walks and travel. I cannot wait to resume travel once again! 


Speaking of travel, favorite places to visit include: Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand (on my wish-list). I prefer spending my time in the wilderness - mountains, greenery, lakes - over busy towns/crowded tourist spots. Not much of a beach person though, given I cannot swim (fun fact). 



Interesting fact: I have a technical background (MS in Computer Science) but never held a formal engineering job. I got into Product Management by chance and love being in the midst of it all, which I believe is my sweet spot. 


Favorite time of the year: December, love the holiday spirit it brings!


Family life: We are a family of four. I live in Texas with my husband, our son, and our dog. My family, including parents and sibling, are all back in India and I visit them during the holidays. 

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