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Spring Awakening: Three Ways to Prepare for the Mortgage Busy Season

Posted by Brian Hall on Mar 3, 2016 12:30:45 PM

How to prepare for the busy mortgage season, by Brian HallAs winter begins to turn into spring, more potential borrowers are going to be entering the market; some looking to buy for the first time, others possibly looking to build their own home or refinance an existing loan. We’ve touched on mortgage quote seasonality before, and it’s not really a secret that the spring and summer are the mortgage industry’s busiest time of the year. With that in mind, here are three things you can do to prepare for the next several months of increased traffic and prospects.

Be Ready Internally, First

Before spring prospects start coming in, make sure everyone in your business is on the same page and ready to handle those leads. Without adequate internal communication or lead management tools, you could find yourselves struggling to keep track of who is handling which lead, who has talked to which prospect, and have more overall confusion when handling borrowers that can lead to more headaches for you and them.


Fortunately, Mortech provides communication and lead management tools to help keep everyone on the same page and make sorting leads and communicating internally easier than ever. Our dynamic pipeline allows you to see and sort prospects as they come in, and keep up to date with meetings and calls you might have with potential borrowers. Administrators can also utilize the message center to keep their loan officers in-the-know about what’s going on, and make sure no leads are slipping through the cracks. 

Make Sure Your Web Presence is in Good Shape

Having a strong web presence is more important than ever in mortgages today, and one of the most important aspects of this is getting your rates online in front of your borrowers. Mortech can put all of your rates online in front of millions of borrowers, and instantly update them as soon as anything changes. As more borrowers are looking online to find rates and look into getting a loan, getting yourself out there in front of them is critical for success, but an easy task when partnered with Mortech.


Another important step is making sure you’re giving your borrowers a place to find you online, along with your rates. And while you might have your own website and social media pages already, but it never hurts to give those things a facelift before increased traffic and prospects start to roll in. Even small aesthetic things like updating photos and graphics can keep your social media and website looking fresh and appealing to both regular and new visitors.


You can also use your website and social media to communicate and engage with your audience, and provide a welcoming environment for new borrowers who may be entering the housing market for the first time. Giving borrowers a resource they can use to get their questions answered is a great way to open the door to more people looking for help through what can be a daunting and complicated process, while also showing off your expertise in the area and signaling that you know your industry, and can help guide them through the process the whole way.

Start Communicating Early

You don’t necessarily have to wait for the web traffic to come to you, though. The beginning of spring is a great time to reach out to potential borrowers, both on social media and through email campaigns, and get them thinking early about the market and how involved they want to be. Maybe they’re a first time borrower looking to enter the market, or a previous borrower looking into refinancing. Regardless of who they are, reaching out to them with key information about the current mortgage landscape and how it can affect them is a great way to get them thinking not just about their involvement, but also your involvement along with them.


Marksman provides solutions for your business to cover all of these bases, with lead management and communication tools, easily customizable lender websites, and email and drip marketing campaigns to make communicating and organizing incoming and current prospects a breeze. To find out more about how you can begin utilizing all of these different features, schedule a demo with us today.


Start connecting with borrowers early this spring.


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