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New Product Features Now Available within Mortech’s Encompass Integration

Posted by Alexus Matulka on May 26, 2021 12:47:20 PM

encompassBlog-05-25-21 (1)Mortech’s enhanced pricing integration with Encompass® streamlines and automates secondary desk and lock processes by securely passing pricing data between Mortech’s pricing engine and the Encompass platform. Loan officers leveraging the integration are able to create a custom, detailed workflow that fits their business needs.   


By adding Mortech’s enhanced pricing integration with Encompass into their customizable workflow, an affiliated lender saw a reduction in “lock requested” to “lock approved” times of 90%. By having the ability to auto-populate fields in Encompass, loan officers can receive immediate lock approvals for initial lock requests, saving them time and opening up their bandwidth to additional business. 


Earlier this month we launched a new release within Encompass that brought with it exciting new features and enhancements. The added features have taken into account customer feedback in addition to some new enhancements that simplify the lender’s workflow even more.


The new features and enhancements include: 

  • LO Facing Historical Pricing
    • Enhanced historical pricing capabilities are now available for loan officers, allowing them to view the change in circumstance screen within Marksman. This feature was previously restricted to only secondary desk users. Now with this release, loan officers will save time with a more streamlined process. 
  • Auto-Lock/Hedge Enhancements
    • Users now have the ability to auto-lock all, specific, or multiple investors and products within the auto-lock/hedge settings. 
    • The new release also gave admins the ability to set restrictions as to which Encompass users have the ability to auto-lock.
    • We added a Max FICO increase earlier this month as well, giving users the ability to set the Max FICO for an auto-lock/hedge to 850.
    • Users now also have the ability to add a new min/max range for ‘Price’ to be considered when creating an auto-lock/hedge rule.
  • Updated Field Mapping
    • New fields were added in the most recent release in field mapping including: ‘Rate Lock Sell Side Lock Date’, ‘Rate Lock Sell Side Lock Expiration Date’, ‘Rate Lock Execution Lock Date’, and ‘Rate Lock Execution Lock Expiration Date’.
    • We also made updates to Marksman and Encompass fields including ‘Loan Info ARM First Period Change’ and ‘Lock Request Form Impounds Waived’. 
    • Users now also have the ability to update Sell Side Pricing upon Lock Requested in ‘Prior to Lock’ stage. 

If you missed our recent webinar you can view the full recording on our website. Interested in adding this integration to your company’s workflow? Contact us at to set up some time to discuss more.

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