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Your Next Step in Mortgage Product and Pricing

Posted by Josh Lehr on Aug 31, 2016 12:24:36 PM

Next step in mortgage product and pricing with Mortech's ppeIn the last five years, lenders have realized that if they want to compete on price rather than just being able to offer a product to their customers, they need to work with more lenders to get better rates. This movement has led to most lenders investing in a product and pricing engine to manage their rate sheets so they don't have to worry about the tedious and time-consuming work of comparing rate sheets, and making sure the rate offered to the borrower is correct. Now that lenders have this technology, what is the next step?


Lenders need to make sure they are maximizing returns on their investment.  For many, that means attempting consumer direct lending. Today, Mortech offers lenders the ability to push their rates out to a number of rate advertising sites including Zillow® to get online exposure. While this service may seem cumbersome and tedious to set up, Marksman’s intuitive design can help you set this up within a matter of minutes.


In addition to being able to push rates out, Mortech offers simple CRM solutions to these lenders so they can track and easily contact potential consumers that inquired about online rates. With the Mortech CRM, lenders can send automated lender branded email campaigns to new leads, track the borrower’s status through application and locking, and make sure every customer is followed up on by using Marksman’s Dynamic Pipeline.


What many lenders do not realize today is these tools are already available as a part of their Marksman package without additional cost. In addition to not charging for the services, Marksman works to communicate with a lender's Loan Origination System to make sure loan applications can follow regular flows once that lead turns in to an application. 


To learn more about these tools and how you can begin using them in your lending strategy, contact us today for a free demo.


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