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Four Ways You Can Get 2017 Started on the Right Foot

Posted by Brian Hall on Jan 12, 2017 12:55:55 PM

Four ways to get 2017 started off right for your mortgage businessDid you make any New Year’s resolutions? You shouldn’t just set goals for your personal life though; lenders should also set business goals for themselves, and set out to provide better service to their customers, get bigger returns, and improve overall performance. Fortunately, with Mortech at your side, these goals you set can be a lot more achievable than something like going to the gym every day.


With that in mind, here are four things you can do right now to start improving your business throughout the coming year, all with Mortech’s help along the way.


Automate your business and start saving time

A popular New Year’s resolution for many people is to lose some weight; however, your schedule could benefit from trimming some fat as well. By completing various day-to-day processes manually, lenders can waste a lot of time that could be better spent communicating with customers, or executing other business strategies. Fortunately, Mortech provides automation that can give back this precious time. Eliminate the need to manually search, compare, and price mortgage products with Mortech’s fully automated pricing engine processes, and utilize automated mortgage loan, and PMI pricing eligibility and product selection. By automating processes, your schedule will be slim and trim in no time!


By auto-quoting your rates online, you can not only reach a wider audience through sites like Zillow, Bankrate, and LendingTree, but you also don’t have to worry about updating them; Mortech does that for you!

Start building solutions for better borrower experience

Providing solutions for your customers has never been easier. By utilizing Mortech mortgage APIs, you can build your own, custom borrower solutions. Things like investor rate sheet pricing, online rate advertising, mortgage lead delivery and more can all be built and tested to fit your website. Providing your business and customers with these various tools improves their experience, and increases your businesses productivity. With mortgage APIs, you don’t have to worry about finding a patchwork solution, but can fit in exactly what you and your customers need, seamlessly into your current business processes.

Get organized, starting with your prospects 

Having tools to best serve your customers is one thing, but if you can’t handle increased lead volumes, you’re going to have a hard time keeping track and taking care of your customers. Fortunately, Mortech provides a suite of lead management tools, all integrated into our mortgage pricing engine. With these tools, you can outline your origination team’s daily workflow and assign new prospects based on various criteria that you set. You can also send real-time rates to prospects based on a rate-threshold, as well as send custom, automated email campaigns. With these tools fully integrated into Marksman, you have one central hub for all things lead management, email marketing, loan pricing, and more.

Start monitoring your business early

Part of setting goals for the new year is keeping track of them throughout the process, and changing things as needed for you to be successful, and setting business goals is no different. Once you’ve started automating your processes, building custom borrower solutions, and organizing your prospects while streamlining day-to-day workflow, the next step will be monitoring your business and team performance. Our mortgage pricing engine has the ability to generate custom reports that present vital business metrics, all based on custom criteria of your choosing. These reports let you monitor individual and group performance, ensuring that your business is operating at maximum efficiency. This information is all viewable within a single, all-in-one dashboard, with the ability to monitor performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. With these reports, you can not only start improving your business right away, but keep improving all the way through the year.


These are just four ways that you can start improving your business with Mortech right now. If you want more details on these, or other ways in which we can help you make 2017 your best year yet, reach out to us. We’d love to set up some time to talk and show you a free demo of all we can offer you. Let’s take on the new year together!



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