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APIs and Partner Integrations: The Lifeblood of the Mortgage Industry

Posted by Josh Lehr on Aug 1, 2016 1:00:12 PM

APIs and Partner Integrations: the Life Blood of the Mortgage IndustryThere are so many verticals in the Mortgage Origination process, and startups in this increasingly tech-savvy industry are abundant. With the growing number of fintech companies in the mortgage space, lenders have endless choices for website providers, loan origination systems, and mortgage applications, among other platforms. These variety of integrations leads me to wonder, how did we survive without developer APIs to integrate this data, and partner integrations with which to deliver solutions to lenders on these platforms?


Mortech, being a Mortgage Technology provider, has seen a growing demand from our customers to integrate pricing into all phases of the mortgage origination process from rate searching and prospecting for online marketplaces, to pricing loans for sale on the secondary market. With this increased need for integration, we have put a lot more of our focus in 2016 on APIs. Why is this?  Mortech provides many solutions including product and pricing eligibility, lock tools, CRM tools, and 1003 applications, all of which help to improve and speed up the loan process. Without them, that process becomes slow, interrupted, and eventually broken.


While our suite of tools offer a great solution for lenders, we still only deliver the required functions for a portion of the mortgage origination process. We also have new customers that have solutions that are engrained in their process (such as a website or CRM tools) that we need to integrate with to provide the best experience possible.  By being open to the idea of providing integrations to these partner platforms, we have been able to streamline processes for our customers, and make them happy.


We have made it our focus to provide industry leading APIs that are easy to set up and consume by partners in the industry, to be flexible for our customers, and give them the best chance to succeed in the market. Through our many integrations we currently have with our partners, we have successfully handled over 50 million API transactions in a 24-hour period. As we continue to grow and new companies continue to emerge in the market, Mortech will always be looking to integrate with partners to provide the most value possible to our customers.


Find out more today about our Mortech APIs and Partner Integrations, and start improving your loan process.



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