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Meet Mortech: Natasha Toor

Posted by Alexus Matulka on Jul 13, 2021 8:50:05 AM



This week on Meet Mortech we want to introduce you all to our Product Manager, Natasha Toor! 


Favorite part of the job: The people I get to work with! They are intelligent, encouraging, friendly, and even funny. They can make work (especially from home) feel less like work. Zoom calls feel less awkward and emails and chats feel more like open conversations. The easy collaboration allows us to kick butt and deliver a great product!


Favorite things to do on days off: I love to cook, sip on a drink, and listen to music to relax, preferably outside and with family and friends! I enjoy reading fiction and watching movies, and I have been trying to get into gardening but the little critters in the ground are making it an itchy process.


Favorite places to travel include: The Staples Center in LA! I love the buzz around the building and have many wonderful memories there and feel giddy just being near it! If I need a vacation, then I'd travel anywhere in the mountains or in Hawaii. If I need to see a familiar face, then I'd travel to see family in Canada, England and India.



Interesting fact: I am a twin and it's the best! Also, I have given Kobe Bryant a high five and that is the second best! 


Favorite time of the year: Definitely the winter holiday season. The joy is contagious and everyone just seems a little friendlier! And the lead up to it all, which is the best part, starts in November although some people do try and push it to October but I don't mind that. 


Family life: My family is my favorite thing in the world and I love when we are all (4 of us) together. I never get tired of hanging out with them and sometimes feel silly for needing them as much as I do. 

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