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Is Your Appraisal Process Slowing You Down?

Posted by Jeff Schneider on May 3, 2012 1:25:00 PM

How many times have you heard the mortgage industry is changing? After all, isn’t change what defines an industry? If there were no variables and barriers, everyone and anyone could be a successful mortgage banker. Truth is, the only constant in our industry is change.  Some changes are temporary and some are inflection points that are sure to change the identity of the industry forever.

While ten or fifteen years ago it was understandable to be a skeptic of incorporating online tools into your loan process, today’s most successful businesses, whether a fortune 500 company or a local boutique, have accommodated online strategies into their former strictly brick-and-mortar model.

In the mortgage industry it’s understood that getting to the lead in an efficient manner has a big impact on your bottom line. What happens when your competition gets to the prospect before you? The online customer experience starts at lead inception and doesn’t stop there.

Take for instance ordering appraisals. Some loan officers are still ordering appraisals through phone lines and on pieces of scratch paper. The appraisal process boils down to two things you should be concerned about:

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