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Online Rate Quoting With Mortech

Posted by Brian Hall on Sep 1, 2015 12:25:26 PM



Want to advertise your mortgage rates to thousands of potential online borrowers? With the help of Mortech your rates can be sent to sites like Zillow, Bankrate, and Lending Tree to reach a much wider audience of online borrowers.


Mortech also supports Bankrate's updated rate marketplace table, so lenders can provide additional loan information that Bankrate provides to consumers, including up to seven loan tiers amounts, the ability to search for and price a mortgage loan by property type, ability to search by property use, and the ability to have more pricing granularity and fee structures for every scenario.


Why spend time and resources sending complicated XML files to online lead sources, when Mortech can do all the heavy lifting for you? Integrated with our product and pricing engine, our online quoting solution allows you to choose when and what you want to quote online.


So call or email us today, and find out how Mortech can help you give every online shopper a more accurate, borrower-specific rate every time, for higher quality lead generation, loan pull through, and overall customer satisfaction.

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