Solutions for Mortgage Bankers


Mortgage Pricing Engine

Mortgage Pricing Engine Solutions for Mortgage Bankers
  • Best execution pricing for accurate, real-time rates based on base price, SRP, LLPAs and profit margin.
  • Price mortgage loan and PMI side-by-side, while building granular margins into every loan scenario.
  • Keep track of your team’s performance, constantly keeping in touch with what’s working and bringing in the most leads.
  • Instantly lock loan requests to your secondary desk.

Guidelines and Eligibility

Guidelines and Eligibility Solutions for Mortgage Bankers
  • Ensure compliance and investor guideline eligibility instantly with automated checks within Marksman.
  • Receive instant product eligibility and ineligibility feedback.
  • Access product and full underwriting guidelines in a detailed or summary format.

Lead Management

Lead Management Solutions for Mortgage Bankers
  • Utilize Marksman as a central hub for lead management with email marketing and loan pricing.
  • Outline and organize your origination team’s daily workflow.
  • Send real-time rates to prospects on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Organize and distribute leads to loan officers based on loan criteria, lead source, branch location, and more.
  • Simplify your lead workflow, tracking leads by status, creating follow-up reminders and getting detailed reports.
  • Keep leads organized within your dynamic pipeline, tracking current and potential prospects all on one page.

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