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Mortech Announces Advanced Pricing Integration with Ellie Mae’s Encompass All-in-One Mortgage Management Solution

Posted by Brian Hall on Aug 18, 2015 8:37:00 AM

Interface Enables Loan Officers to Access Instant Investor Pricing, Product Eligibility, Borrower, and Lock Request Information from Marksman within Encompass 

LINCOLN, Neb.—August 18, 2015 — Mortech®, a Zillow Group business providing mortgage technology solutions for mortgage bankers and secondary market teams, today announced a new integration between Mortech’s product and pricing engine (PPE) and secondary marketing solutions and Ellie Mae’s Encompass® all-in-one mortgage management solution. The new, advanced integration eliminates manual data entry and enables lenders to automate the transfer of detailed loan pricing information from Mortech to Encompass. The integration also provides a feature-rich platform for Mortech to quickly implement pricing functionality enhancements within Encompass as the market changes.


“Pricing accuracy and time savings are vital to today’s mortgage lender, as both can have significant profit implications for lending institutions,” said Doug Foral, general manager at Mortech. “This advanced integration benefits our mutual customers by streamlining the loan pricing and origination process while providing lenders with access to important borrower, pricing, and secondary desk information from Marksman directly to Encompass. This integration significantly reduces workflow redundancies and session times. As a recognized PPE leader, Mortech is excited to extend our long-standing partnership with Ellie Mae®. Mortech is committed to continually evolving our product offerings based on customer needs and industry changes.” 


The new advanced integration uses bi-directional data transfer to seamlessly move data between Marksman and Encompass. This provides instant access to Marksman “buy side” and “sell side” pricing and up to 11 granular levels of loan specific rate, price, profit, and adjustment information. Lenders also benefit from a unified lock process through Mortech’s lock desk and secondary tools available within Encompass, including historical pricing information for any changes in circumstance, worst case pricing, lock notifications, and change requests.


“We’re pleased to have Mortech’s new advanced integration features available in Ellie Mae's Encompass, providing the most efficient way for our mutual clients to access the pricing and secondary market information that they leverage from Mortech,” said Joe Tyrrell, executive vice president, corporate strategy at Ellie Mae.



About Mortech


Mortech® supplies thousands of mortgage professionals with a number of services and tools, such as all-in-one pricing, rate notification, prospect management tools, custom rate sheets, loan product eligibility and guideline services. Founded in 1987, Mortech is based in Lincoln, Neb. and is owned and operated by Zillow Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:Z). 


Zillow, Mortech and Marksman are registered trademarks of Zillow, Inc.


About Ellie Mae


Ellie Mae (NYSE:ELLI) is a leading provider of innovative on-demand software solutions and services for the residential mortgage industry. Ellie Mae’s Encompass® all-in-one mortgage management solution provides one system of record that allows banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders to originate and fund mortgages and improve compliance, loan quality and efficiency. Visit or call 877.355.4362 to learn more.


Ellie Mae® and Encompass® are registered trademarks of Ellie Mae, Inc. 



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