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QuinStreet Real-Time Pricing Integration


An automated, accurate, and real-time solution.

QuinStreet-Image.pngMortech is excited to announce a new integration with QuinStreet, one of the world's largest online marketing and media companies. With this new integration, mortgage lenders advertising with QuinStreet can utilize interactive auto-quoting, real-time mortgage rates, and mortgage lead distribution.


This integration combines the ease of Marksman, with its robust array of easily accesible mortgage lending tools, with the audience of QuinStreet, allowing for lenders to publish more accurate, real-time rate information to consumers initiating the borrowing process across QuinStreet's mortgage advertising network.

Why choose live pricing over flat rate files?

With live pricing, lenders can access a number of mortgage lending process enhancements, including:
  • No need to update rates manually throughout the dayWith live pricing, your rate data is current, aurtomatically updating with any market changes as they occur.
  • Data is loan criteria specificYou no longer have to price in overly generic buckets, and can instead offer data to a borrower unique to their scenario.
  • Consistency across other live platformsLive pricing provides granular, more targeted profit options and more consistent quoting across other live platforms you're quoting on.

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