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Daric® Point-of-Sale Integration


Streamline Your Front End Application Process

daric-page-image-stats.pngOur new integration with Daric's point-of-sale and mortgage application automation system allows you to give your borrowers the power to complete the borrowing process on their own, through their computer or mobile device. Through this integration, lenders can benefit from a suite of tools that automate borrower verification, mortgage rate pricing, loan decisioning and servicing, saving them 163 minutes per application.


This streamlined process not only saves both borrowers and lenders valuable time, but by making the process easier, increases lenders' conversion rates as well. Lenders using Daric's automated application system saw a lead conversion increase of 15.2%.

Always Keep Everyone On Board

Lenders utilizing Mortech's integration with Daric will not only have access to their automated application system, but also a robust set of tools that help control borrower leads and relationships, making sure none of your prospects slip through the cracks. Our users have the ability to:
  • Build accurate pricing into the loan application. Streamline the mortgage borrowing process and provide a better online consumer experience for your borrowers.
  • Route leads directly into applications. Mortech provides the ability to route all borrower leads from consumer direct marketing websites such as Zillow®, Bankrate®, and LendingTree®, and Quinstreet® directly into the application.
  • Send better emails with customizable options for borrower emails. Create an email campaign to send to lenders or real estate agents, keeping everyone in the loop.

  • Integrate into your current CRM solution or mortgage website. Access these tools and provide solutions to your borrowers without having to change your entire system or process.

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