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Byte Software's LOS Integration


Automated Loan Pricing and Eligibility Integrated with BytePro®'s Workflow Controls

byteSoftware.pngThrough this integration, lenders utilizing BytePro can now access Mortech loan pricing and eligibility directly within the LOS's interface. These automated processes help lenders by automatically capturing loan specific rates, pricing and adjustments, profit margins, allowing lenders to automate lock requests and secondary desk management.


Stop Wasting Your Time And Resources

Mortech's integration with Byte provides lenders with all the tools they need to work faster, and with less resources, providing them with the ability to:

  • Compare loan pricing and eligibility from over 400 different investor rate sheets, or your own custom programs.

  • Automate data entry, which can eliminate data entry errors.

  • Eliminate redundant data entry and preserve your BytePro workflow integrity via a seamless integration of interfaces.

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