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Mortech: Encompass® Advanced Pricing Integration


Simplify and automate your workflow with Mortechs Advanced Pricing Integration with Encompass. 


Send the most complete pricing to Encompass
  • Buy Side / Sell Side
  • Base Price, LLPAs, and SRPs
  • Corporate, Branch, and LO Profit 
Map Mortech Pricing values to any field in Encompass

Mortech now has the ability to write all pricing data into custom fields so you don't have to worry about disrupting your current setup. 


Create a streamlined secondary desk accessible within Encompass

Streamline your lock process with Mortech’s secondary tools such as historical pricing, lock notifications, change requests, and more.

  • Manage your pre-lock disclosure process
  • Restrict fields from updating post lock
  • Restrict lock/export options from Mortech
Send Encompass updates to Mortech

Keep updated on customer milestones and trigger email campaigns and LO actions based on loan statuses.

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