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Mortech Launches All-Inclusive Front-End Loan Management System

Posted by Brian Hall on May 16, 2014 12:05:00 PM

Bullseye Offers Full Automated Underwriting System and Credit & Document Management Platforms to Speed Entire Loan Closing Cycle


Mortech, a mortgage technology software company specializing in daily pricing, product decisioning and lead management solutions for mortgage bankers and secondary market teams, announced today the availability of Bullseye, a mortgage platform designed to speed the entire loan origination and underwriting process. Bullseye reduces the time spent closing loans by unifying numerous mortgage platforms in one seamless operation, redefining the way mortgage companies will approach the loan process.


As part of a new technology built into Marksman, the mortgage industry’s preferred product and pricing engine and lead management solution, Bullseye links mortgage companies with National Credit Agencies and offers a complete Automated Underwriting System including connectivity to Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter or Freddie Mac's Loan Prospector. The comprehensive industry-first also creates bi-directional communication with Loan Origination Systems, provides a built-in Document Management System, simplifies locking routines and advances Mark-to-Market reporting capabilities in a seamless system-to-system setting.


“Analysts are predicting the time between application and closing is going to take even longer during 2011 due to increased regulations and verification processes,” said President of Mortech, Don Kracl. “This solution is going to accelerate the entire loan processing cycle by minimizing duplicate data entry, bringing decisioning closer to the point-of-sale and creating seamless communication from pre-lead to closing.”


The platform connects mortgage originators with their preferred credit agencies so credit reports can be generated at the point-of-sale without leaving Marksman. Complete credit details required for an automated underwriting decision are parsed and auto-populated back into their Marksman account. After the credit report is pulled, the 1003 file can be submitted to the AUS, generating a decision with complete stipulations and conditions while simultaneously examining specific investor and company overlays. By getting early decisions from more restrictive investor and company specific overlays, this new preemptive approval strategy manages risk and exponentially increases the probability of loans getting the green light by DU/LP.


The preparatory underwriting events are executed in an automated environment, decreasing fallout ratios and the application processing fees associated with DU/LP. What’s more, instead of assessing underwriting conditions under one investor, loan officers can now evaluate terms for any investor they work with in order to receive additional financing options and programs for borrowers. The decisioning solution also creates bi-directional communication with Loan Origination Systems and access to a Document Management System. Critical underwriting and loan approval tasks can now be executed without logging in and out of multiple systems. The Document Management System, currently in beta, allows for easy management of all documents associated with a loan. Pertinent loan files can be stored internally within Marksman. Information is seamlessly transmitted back and forth automatically through Marksman to continuously maintain loan statuses, data from 1003 files and details from the borrower’s loan scenario with no manual data entry required.


Secondary desks have access to increased locking and Mark-to-Market functionality through the Bullseye technology. After locks have been passed through the LOS, secondary can seamlessly run Mark-to-Market in bulk on demand, or nightly from Marksman to continually evaluate the company’s position against the current market. This provides mortgage companies access to real-time valuations of their company pipeline and the opportunity to uncover missed profits.  The entire end-to-end solution expedites originating activity from point-of-sale to closing allowing for entirely new degrees of efficiencies.


“While we see other mortgage technology companies either getting bought out or slowing down, we’re expanding our product offerings, said Kracl. “We understand that in order for mortgage companies to progress in this market, they need to do more with less. By adding Bullseye, the mortgage community can transcend the typical workflow boundary and maximize profits.”


To learn more about the Bullseye solution, visit Or Schedule a Demo to see the new solution.

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