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Mortech® Enhances Lead Management Capabilities

Posted by Brian Hall on May 16, 2014 12:22:00 PM

Industry leading combination Product & Pricing Engine and Loan Management System now with added functionality for mortgage bankers.


LINCOLN, Neb., Aug. 27, 2013 — Mortech, a Zillow® business that provides mortgage technology software solutions for mortgage bankers and secondary market teams, announced today that it has rolled out a significant new functionality for its Marksman®  software that will make it a powerful tool for lenders to organize their day-to-day process.


Marksman software is already used by hundreds of lenders across the country to source and manage leads, pre-qualify and match borrowers to specific loan products, and move those that don’t yet qualify to a warm leads program where they can be nurtured until they can be closed.


“The new dynamic pipeline functionality we’ve added to Marksman turns our industry-leading software into a fully-functional lending management tool,” said Don Kracl, vice president of mortgage tools for Zillow. “Managers can now direct their loan officers to the leads they should be working based on the most desirable loan characteristics and where the lead is in the loan process. Built-in scripting, decision support, and reports allow managers to ensure the leads they are paying for are getting worked efficiently by their workforce.”


The new release is now broadly available to Mortech customers and includes the following new functionalities:

  • Dynamic pipelines available for each loan officer based on lead source, status, and loan characteristics
  • Easily-accessible options to help loan officers close the transaction and keep notes for future prospect calls
  • Automatic lead exhaustion and exclusion from the pipeline
  • Follow-up scheduling and automatic reminders for past due/upcoming calls
  • Advanced administrative reporting for comparing loan officer and lead source performance 

Mortech executives said the new functionality was originally inspired by the requests of online lenders’ managing teams of loan officers but was then adapted to fit the needs of all mortgage lenders.


"Since we rolled out the new dynamic pipeline functionality for Marksman, the response from our loan officers has been overwhelmingly positive," said Jay Waddell, Customer Acquisition Manager for Stonegate Mortgage Corporation. "Some people have actually said they didn’t know how they ever got along without this new, very intuitive process. The new screens allow our loan officers to easily keep track of which loans are active, in process, and which need follow up. Lead organization is almost effortless, status updates are quick and easy, and as time goes on I expect our contact rates and pull-through to increase significantly."



About Mortech, a Zillow business.


Lincoln, Nebraska-based Mortech was founded in 1987 to provide product and pricing engine (PPE) solutions, including best execution pricing, AllRegs®  eligibility, detailed profit structures and best execution PMI, all for an extensive list of investors; lead management solutions, including a sophisticated sales dashboard, ratetracker, automated lead distribution and email marketing; and lock desk solutions, including lock pipeline management, custom reporting, LO compensation, LOS integration and the ability to lock directly with investors. Thousands of correspondent lenders, bankers, credit unions and smaller community lenders use Mortech’s tools. In addition, Mortech serves up mortgage product and pricing information to some of the top real estate and banking websites, including Zillow, Bankrate®  and LendingTree® . Mortech has been recognized by Mortgage Technology magazine as a Top 50 Service Provider every year since 2010. The company won a 2010 Mortgage Technology magazine Synergy Award with AllRegs. In 2012, Mortech was acquired by leading real estate information marketplace Zillow, Inc. To learn more about Mortech visit


Zillow is a registered trademark of Zillow, Inc. Mortech is a registered trademark of Zillow, Inc.


Marksman is a registered trademark of Zillow, Inc. AllRegs is a registered trademark of Mortgage Resource Center, Inc. Bankrate is a registered trademark of Bankrate, Inc. LendingTree is a registered trademark of LendingTree, LLC.

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