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Mortech Announces New Product Line-up

Posted by Brian Hall on May 16, 2014 11:58:00 AM

Mortgage Software Company Gets a New Look and Builds Path for Additional Business Opportunities


Mortech, a mortgage technology software company specializing in daily pricing, product decisioning and lead management solutions for mortgage bankers and secondary market teams, today unveils a new product line-up.The latest offerings from Mortech include three product tiers, financial services and secondary market solutions. Accompanying the new Marksman products, Mortech made over its corporate website and releases plans for future product roll-outs.


Since the needs of the real estate finance industry continue to evolve, Mortech took a fresh approach re-introducing Marksman to the market. Mortech recognizes each mortgage company has diverse business goals and incorporated this fact into its latest versions of Marksman, the mortgage industry’s preferred product and pricing engine and lead management solution. Several components of Marksman were merged together and new features were added in order to increase the productivity of any size mortgage company. The new family of Marksman products and enhancements to its already comprehensive mortgage software has resulted in an improved mortgage lending experience for any mortgage professional.


“Marksman users are mortgage professionals that don’t waste time researching for investor guidelines, rates and prospect data,” said President of Mortech, Don Kracl. “Our users want fast answers so they can focus on customers. That’s exactly what these new services are aimed to do.”


The three latest Marksman tiers now include the following:

  • The Marksman Basic option is designed for lenders in search of relevant mortgage intelligence. Instant mortgage rates, product eligibility and Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) guidelines, rates and overlays from all major PMI companies rounds out this essential software.
  • The best of Marksman’s CRM and sales pieces along with customizable marketing elements were fused together to create Marksman Proa dominate selling solution integrated with lead aggregators such as Zillow and Google AdWords. Exclusive to Marksman Pro, this lead management companion was built specifically for mortgage marketing executives and mortgage originators.
  • For the avid company looking to organize its mortgage origination and funding routines, Marksman Enterprise was developed to streamline the entire process on a company-wide level. An entire loan origination team can manage lock requests, get a current valuation of company pipelines and lock loans directly with investors

“Some of these features are new to Marksman and some have been part of the suite for quite some time,” added Kracl. “I’d say our solutions are extremely rich and robust, but we’re not trying to get the mortgage community to drink more coffee. We’re simply saying our products are now loaded with even more tools designed to comprehensively impact a mortgage company’s bottom line.”


Additional secondary market tools and financial services now available include the ability to build and send accurate Good Faith Estimates (GFE’s) and Cost Estimation worksheets, rate archiving capabilities, bulk pricing options, hedging opportunities and enhanced integrations with loan origination systems (LOS).


In order to better inform lenders the benefits they can experience via the new Marksman products, Mortech gave its corporate website a massive overhaul. Mortech product details in addition to company information are now available in an easy to navigate and clean format. Visitors are encouraged to continue to check the website for future company and product announcements.


“We’ve always had a proactive attitude towards building software. Consequently, we’re in the process of structuring additional innovative services. A beta version of our Marksman Marketplace product is currently available. Online lenders and those involved in the real estate process will also be interested in a similar marketplace that will be launched in the coming months.”


Attendees of the upcoming MBA 97th Annual Convention and Expo are invited to stop by Mortech’s exhibit booth 400 to receive more information about the new products and to get a live demonstration of Marksman.


For information about Mortech visit us at or call 888-529-3590. Mortech can also be followed on LinkedIn, Twitter andFacebook.

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