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MarksmanLMP Is The One That You Want

Posted by Jeff Schneider on Oct 21, 2011 9:53:00 AM

Sound the music. Marksman has evolved.

Lately, Marksman has been feeling like Sandy Olsson from Grease - out of place. We're not a Pink Lady product and pricing engine - we're different. We have a perm and cherry red lipstick.

Long story short, we got a makeover and have expanded into the industry's first Lending Management Platform.


While we didn’t put on skin-tight black pants (although a few of the guys in the office still choose to wear them on casual Fridays), we did give Marksman a snazzy new user interface emphasizing expanded functionality. 


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Introducing Bullseye: Front-End Loan Management Solution

Posted by Renee Harvey on Feb 2, 2011 4:24:00 PM

You know the worst thing about SNOWtorious B.I.G. blasting the Midwest with heaping piles of snow and ice? Besides all the snow and wind, the dangerous roads and the cabin fever setting in?


All this shoveling has created a white blanket over our shiny new product Bullseye, the all-inclusive front-end loan management solution. We say shiny, cause that's exactly what you're going to think of instead of the blistering cold temps. Sun, warmth and best of time!Because this innovative technology is built directly into Marksman, the learning curve will be nearly non-existent. Plus, Bullseye eliminates the need to log in and out of multiple systems.  So you can devote your precious time to other more important tasks (See: e-mail, Sudoku, American Idol and Real Housewives gossip, online snow blower shopping etc.)


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