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Support Squad: Does Now Work For You?

Posted by Brian Kohel on Nov 15, 2016 12:50:35 PM

Support Squad: Does Now Work For YouRecently I was given an opportunity to attend a conference over a weekend in which I could learn as well as lead. I was pretty excited at the opportunity, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend due to previously scheduled events on my own calendar. Why couldn’t this conference be at a time that worked for me and my schedule? How often does that happen to you during your business week, when trainings/calls/meetings take place when you aren’t available?


We’ve all had this experience, and Mortech wants to alleviate as much of this as possible by giving you the option to schedule your training and calls with your Account Manager via our calendar. Training can be requested from our training team, along with a time that works for you, straight from your Marksman account. These methods automatically sync up to our training team and/or Account Manager calendars, so if you see that time is available…that means it is!


If it is something as quick as a ten-minute call or something that might take a bit more time, different time options are available to serve a variety of call needs. If this is something you have currently utilized, awesome, otherwise contact your Account Manager to see if this is something you should be using and where you can find it.


We understand you are busy, and we also know your time is very valuable not only to your staff but also your clientele. Let’s make the most of the time we have, because I’m currently unaware of how to get time back. As the Steve Miller Band has told us, “Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping … into the future.”


Support Squad - Scheduling for your needs