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Support Squad: Call Me Old School

Posted by Brian Kohel on Oct 6, 2016 2:51:43 PM

support_10-6-16.jpegIn an increasingly digital world, customer service has typically taken a back-seat to product innovation. I’m proud to say that this is not the case with Mortech, though, and as our product team collaborates on designs and improvements, so does our Account Management team. We meet daily to share ideas of customer interactions and what are clients are asking for in their workflow. We consider ourselves to be an extension of our clientele’s staff.


Along with our internal communication, we also pride ourselves in the numerous facets we empower our customers to communicate with us. Sure there is email communication, even some feedback submission options within Marksman. The feedback option and emails are both great ways to communicate quick to-the-point ideas between individuals, but doesn’t give me the same feeling of communication as a good old fashioned phone call.


Say what?! A phone can do more than text and check email? (This is a constant battle I have with my teens.) Phone calls I’ve had over the years with clients have been so instrumental in my knowledge of the mortgage industry, as well as collaboration of a client’s goals and how Marksman can assist in reaching those goals. Delivering solutions and witnessing multiple lightbulb moments, where it ‘all clicks’, are a continual occurrence for me and is why I absolutely love what I do.


Call me old school, but in my almost 20 years of client management experience, a phone call or face to face meeting has been the best way to ensure everyone is on the same page. So as your company is starting to think ahead to next year and goals to be set, give us a call, as we just might have the tools you and your staff need to exceed your goals.



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Support Squad - Call Me Old School