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Quote Per Housing Type in Relation to Rates

Posted by Brian Hall on Mar 23, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Two weeks ago we took a look at the rate of purchasing vs. refinancing in relation to the monthly rate in 2014. So, this week, we decided to take a look now at the varying numbers of average quotes per property type in 2014 according to statistics compiled internally within Marksman.


Quote Per Housing Type in Relation to Rates


Beginning in January, which was also the month with the highest rate of any out of the year, every quote average was at its lowest point in the year. This makes sense, when looking at January’s rate compared to December’s, as there was a .34 difference, however the rate didn’t steadily decrease, as there are 5 different periods in which the monthly rate increased rather than decreased.


As for popularity, single unit, condo, and double unit quotes had a much higher amount than the other properties, with single unit having the most by a pretty wide margin. However, all property types never dropped at any point, and all finished the year with a net positive in average quotes, with single unit and townhomes having relatively large increases in the final month of the year.


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