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Mortech and Calyx: What Our Integration Means For You

Posted by Brian Hall on Dec 9, 2015 12:24:21 PM

Earlier this week, we announced an integration between our mortgage pricing engine, Marksman, and CalyxSoftware's Point® Loan Origination System. We wanted to break down what that means for both Marksman and Point users, and how both user bases can utilize an interoperability between the two systems.




The Marksman/Point integration gives users access to Marksman's Rates Page directly from within Point, and allows Marksman users to pull prospect and property information from Point automatically when locking a loan using Lock-In Pro within Marksman. Marksman users will also be able to do QM and HOEPA compliance checks, and once all of the loan and lock data is compiled, it can be sent directly back to Point. 


This provides our customers with a way of streamlining and optimizing their day-to-day workflow. Additionally, it makes several complex mortgage procesess much simpler, by automating those processes to reduce any chance of human error, and minimize the time investment into them. Mortech’s integration with Calyx is the latest way in which we’re working to improve loan processing automation through multi-system interoperability and remove the need for manual data entry.


To find out how you can begin utilizing this integration, contact your Marksman account manager today. Or, if you’re not a Marksman user, contact us today and find out how you can gain access to all of these great features, and further automate your mortgage processes so you can spend your time getting more leads and ultimately closing more loans.


Marksman and Point have integrated, here's what it means for you.



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