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Meet Mortech: Austin Lehr

Posted by Brian Hall on Aug 7, 2015 1:18:00 PM

austin_lehrThis week we're showcasing Graphic Designer, Austin Lehr. Austin lives in Lincoln, and has been working at Mortech for three years.


Favorite things to do on his days off:  Golf, play soccer, go to the lake, hang out with friends, and play card games.


Favorite place to travel: I haven't been to many places, but the Bahamas are probably at the top.


Favorite time of the year: Any time I can go outside in shorts.


Favorite thing about working at Mortech/Zillow: My co-workers are always chipper. 


Favorite feature of Marksman: The message center. We're always sending out updates and statuses on Marksman, from feature enhancements to alerts for lenders, and keeping everyone informed.


Marksman Insider Tip: Be sure to utilize the message center and track any relevant updates in Marksman as soon as they happen!


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