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Empower Your Borrowers with Mortech and Daric

Posted by Brian Hall on Oct 14, 2016 2:23:43 PM

In today’s mortgage lending landscape, borrowers want the capability of self-servicing their mortgage needs, but still want to be in touch with a trusted mortgage professional who can answer their questions and steer them down the right path. This demand can be difficult for any mortgage professional to meet, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be. That’s why Mortech has integrated with Daric’s point-of-sale solution and mortgage application automation software; to provide lenders with the tools they need to empower their borrowers, while still providing first-rate customer service to help borrowers though the mortgage process.




Our integration with Daric’s mortgage application automation system empowers lenders to create an application process specific to how they want it to look and feel for the borrower. The Daric application is a customizable, web-based tool, with a variety of mortgage tools and templates, with the lender deciding what specific offers and loan types they want to show. This creates a unique experience for the borrower in which they can go through the mortgage application all on their own, from their desktop or mobile device.


What sets the Daric application apart is its utilization of data from over 150 different sources, which can then be used to not only ask the questions that are geared towards maximizing the likelihood of a conversion, but also to verify things like employment status and income in real time. Even when a borrower is going through the application, lenders don’t have to worry about going through and verifying all of the information later on their own.


Once the application is completed, lenders can send preliminary fee estimates and information to the borrower, letting them know exactly what they’ve applied for, and what’s available to them. Borrowers can reach out to lenders and ask any questions they have, and can be confident that they’ve got a mortgage professional handling all of their needs.


This combination of customization, data usage, and level of self-service create a powerful, easy-to-use tool that borrowers can use to maximize conversion rates while also saving time per each application submitted.


Lenders using Daric saved an average of 163 minutes per submitted application, and saw their lead conversion increase by 15.2%.


Faster application processing times and higher lead conversion – that’s the power and advantage borrowers have when using Mortech’s integration with Daric. To find out more about how you can begin utilizing Mortech’s integration with Daric, contact your account manager. Not currently a Mortech user? No problem! Contact us today for a free demo, and find out how Mortech and Daric can improve your business.


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Empower your borrowers with Mortech and Daric