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Two Marketing Essentials for the Modern Day Mortgage Banker

Posted by Jeff Schneider on Apr 27, 2012 4:01:00 PM

So you know how to close loans once they get in your pipeline - but that’s only half the battle. Conversion means nothing if you can’t get your company name in front of peoples’ eyes to gain their initial business. Today’s society is saturated with advertisements. If you’re not advertising yourself while simultaneously offering the potential customer something of value, chances are they won’t remember you. This dilemma raises a very reasonable question: How do I get my brand in front of more people through a targeted and reasonable median?

Below are two, easy value-adding ways to get your brand in front of more people online:

Marketplaces and loan comparison tools

  • No more junk prospects - a lot of loan comparison tools now require customers to enter personal information before they allow them to receive a rate quote, so you can be sure the prospects coming into your pipeline are genuinely interested. Moreover, some of these tools are becoming more intuitive; for instance, Closing Corp's SmartClosing mortgage calculator features closing costs and other vital home buying information built into them.
  • Even for banks without the lowest rates, loan comparison tools are a great way for you to keep your brand on the top of consumers’ minds. There is no denying that your competitors are already present on these tools, why not compete with them for the brand recognition of your logo and rates at the same time?

Social Media

  • Some think social media is a complicated time drain and that’s not always the case. Blogs are a fast, easy way to stay relevant in your market. You’re already an industry expert, why not share some of that knowledge with a potential homebuyer and earn their business? They’ll be a better informed homebuyer while also viewing you as a knowledgeable resource.
  • Twitter and Facebook also require minimum effort. It’s as simple as posting a link to an article you found interesting that pertains to the mortgage industry along with one or two sentences describing its relevance. Then start engaging in online conversations.

If you’re not moving forward with your marketing efforts, you’re moving backwards. Be louder and more valuable than your competition.


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