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Build Your Own Robot With MarksmanLMP Widgets

Posted by Jason Zelenda on Feb 22, 2012 10:48:00 AM

Building an effective and functioning mortgage homepage to help borrowers is like building your very own homemade robot.  It doesn't have to be complex, but instead of using second-rate electronics and old metal garbage cans in your garage, why not use the best tools to make the coolest robot possible?


If you're an admin looking to gain an edge on your website, Marksman's widgets can be embedded directly into your site, making it a slick and valuable tool to attract borrowers. Simple, easy-to-implement tools on your homepage help your borrowers make smart and fast decisions. Best of all the only thing you need to do to utilize these powerful tools is "copy" and "paste" their coding.  Then let these widgets do all the work:


Instant Rate Finder - Just a few clicks and borrowers can access rates with laser-like speed.


Max Mortgage Calculator - Borrowers can precisely check the maximum amount they can afford on a home.


Mortgage Calculator - Break down loan answers, such as loan amount, type, interest rates and taxes throughout the term of the loan.


Rate Snapshot - Place up-to-date rates in front of your borrowers so they can choose when it's the right time to purchase.


Rate Tracker - No more hunting down rates, they're delivered via email, right to the borrower.


Short App - Borrowers can start the loan process with just a few pieces of information.


Should I Refinance - To refi or not to refi, that is the question.  This widget can help the borrower with that answer.


Any mortgage data borrowers input is automatically populated back into your MarksmanLMP account. So start "programming" your borrower communication strategies and embed the widgets today. Or sit in on one of MarksmanLMP trainings to see how its done. 


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