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MarksmanLMP Is The One That You Want

Posted by Jeff Schneider on Oct 21, 2011 9:53:00 AM

MarksmanSound the music. Marksman has evolved.

Lately, Marksman has been feeling like Sandy Olsson from Grease - out of place. We're not a Pink Lady product and pricing engine - we're different. We have a perm and cherry red lipstick.

Long story short, we got a makeover and have expanded into the industry's first Lending Management Platform.


While we didn’t put on skin-tight black pants (although a few of the guys in the office still choose to wear them on casual Fridays), we did give Marksman a snazzy new user interface emphasizing expanded functionality. 


The new MarksmanLMP simplifies, automates and organizes your lending process. From lead acquisition, assessment and marketing to processing, the lending management platform qualifies leads long before they get to your LOS.


Core features include: 

Expect MarksmanLMP's releases to be more saturated with lending management platform goodness. Moreover, don't forget Mortech always takes suggestions on how to enhance its functions, so contact customer support if you have any ideas you'd like to see implemented.


If you liked what you just read, feel free to take a look at the new website.


If you hated what you just read and like to dance, check this out.


Now if we could only get one of those flying cars like at the end of the movie...


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