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Marksman Marketplace: Mortech's Newest Masterpiece

Posted by Jeff Schneider on Sep 26, 2011 12:40:00 PM

What if Van Gogh never contrived a miraculous starry night on canvas?

What if Michelangelo never shared his interpretation of the creation of Adam?

What if your mortgage rates NEVER saw the light of day?

Don’t undersell your mortgage rates. Your rates are an intricate, detailed masterpiece. Isn’t it time that you shared those masterpieces with the world? After all, is there anything more beautiful than to share art with the world? It’s so beautiful it almost makes us want to cry. Almost.

Think of The Marksman Marketplace as an art gallery- a tranquil venue to show off your real-time rates, so they can be admired by potential homebuyers across the nation. By populating rates directly from your Marksman account, you can promote your company to national outlets such as:

  • - real estate search engine with 2.6 million listings
  • Paradigm Visions - member-only website with foreclosure and government owned listings
  • FSBOAmerica.Org - all-inclusive FSBO resource center with 40,000 visitors per month
  • - nationally-recognized mortgage news source
  • PinchLeads Mobile App - the #1 downloaded mortgage rate app on the iPhone
  • Marksman Mobile App - free application supplies your real-time rates to any iPhone or Android user
  • provides up-to-date information about real estate closing services and rates across the nation to help real estate professionals and consumers find and compare service providers in their area. will soon be available on the Marketplace 

Think of these interested prospects as enthusiastic art lovers. Earn some new admirers. Make some new friends. Get yourself out there.


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