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3 Ways Mortgage Bankers Can Defeat Boring Emails

Posted by Jeff Schneider on Aug 26, 2011 9:43:00 AM

In this week’s episode, our caped loan crusaders find themselves fighting the genetically mutated generic emails.

Pow! Zoink! Wham! 

Holy vampire fad, Rateman. These emails were once a much more inspired kind of creature, but it appears they're becoming more and more generic, heartless and uninformative. Email campaigns are losing their human compassion at a cataclysmic rate. We once were able to get borrowers to respond, but it appears consumers have stopped responding to the old techniques. And now our leads aren't closing...

Oh look! The rate signal! Let’s talk to the commissioner, hopefully he'll know what’s been going on.

Hey commissioner, what could possibly be causing these email campaigns to turn into mind-numbing drones and make our leads disappear into thin air?

Commissioner: Rateman and Robin, I'm only going to say this once, so for goodness sake listen up! You're going to defeat them with three strategies that will reverse their genetic makeup:

  • Get your leads attention: Nobody wants to read an email just about how great you are. Sure they want to know you have some credentials, but what they really want to know is you have something to offer them: something with interest and substance, something that will lead them on the right path… No pun intended. Create a captivating subject line and capture their attention in the first couple of sentences. 
  • Be enthusiastic: Don’t mistake this for being laid back. Too laid back could diminish your expertise, while at the same time being too professional could hint that you don’t have a personality. So let your personality shine and tell them why you're the best man/woman/product for their problem.
  • Always stay relevant and Consistent: Make sure you setup follow-up email campaigns relevant to the lead’s first product inquiry. For instance, Marksman’s email campaigns and RateTracker feature allow you to include real-time rates that are relevant to a particular lead’s original loan scenario. On another note, if there was no initial inquiry, make sure your initial email offers tangible, educational information about the product you’re trying to sell them. Be a mentor and maybe they'll trust you enough to move forward with the deal. 

Thanks commissioner! Boring emails beware; we’ve now got the skills to take you down!


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