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Marksman Rate Tables: As Cool as Owning a Mini Giraffe

Posted by Joshua Klostermeyer on Jul 15, 2011 4:28:00 PM

After witnessing the now viral DirecTV promotions featuring a wealthy man and his gold-encrusted workout equipment, we weren’t thinking about switching cable providers as much as pondering what it would be like to own a tiny giraffe.     


The satellite provider’s promotional package, complete with the aforementioned gold-brick wielding, super rich Russian, also included a website devoted his beloved pet: a miniature giraffe.  The site even features a “live feed” of the mini giraffe on his farm.


Apparently, the mammal looked so real on the television commercials, that it wasn’t long before people started asking around.


If you type “Are m” into the Google search bar it will automatically populate “Are mini giraffes real” in the suggestion box, meaning a number of individuals actually sought information on the adorable creatures. 


While you could argue DirecTV’s tactics weren’t necessarily telling you to go purchase a mini-giraffe (as cool as that would be), some people were misled. Yet we rarely notice if we could be doing the same misleading tactics to our own customers.


Take for instance, your current rate table uploading process. If you’re not using an automated platform, you may be giving your customers incorrect information—without even realizing it.  


Manual rate table entries can lead to errors, which turns into outdated or inaccurate information reflecting poorly on your organization. Who really has THAT much time to manually update rate tables?


Marksman’s RateBridge technology allows you to upload all of your rate specific information to your preferred website quickly and easily. And data management is a breeze, so ensuring all of your rates are updated and priced correctly is as easy as someone lifting weights for you.  


For more information on Marksman’s rate tables, schedule a demo to discover what “No pain…no pain,” really feels like.


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