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Don’t Play Golf with Your Moms Clubs

Posted by Renee Harvey on Apr 21, 2011 8:18:00 AM

Post by Matt Harris


I first started playing golf in elementary school.  I told my father I wanted to play and asked if he would teach me.  Being the smart parent he was, he didn’t immediately go invest in a brand new set of clubs for me.  Instead he dug out my mother’s old clubs and we headed to the driving range.  


From that point I knew I loved it, and I played several years with those old beat up women’s clubs.  As time went on and I started getting better and committing to the game, we slowly started replacing my golf course weapons.  It started with a cheap twenty-dollar driver that I was in love with.  Finally, I had an actual metal driver, and not the old beat up wooden tree trunk.  Putters soon followed suit, and next thing you know I had an actual men’s set of irons (granted they were second hand and not quite name brand).  


I spent years hitting these clubs until my parents could tell I was really into the game.  Maybe it was the fact I worked at the local golf course, taking lessons, and video taping my golf swing.  I don’t know, but they could tell I liked it.  So they decided to invest in a custom fit, name brand set of clubs for me.  I went on to have a relatively successful high school career, still working at the golf course, and enjoying it more than ever.The point here isn’t to get you to buy your kids the best set of clubs available (kids change their minds more than their clothes).  What I’m trying to illustrate is a very basic principle that seems all too easy, but is so often forgotten.  When we want to succeed to our maximum potential, we have to have the right tools to do it.  Professional golfers can have all of the ability and work ethic in the world, but he can’t win tournaments hitting their mothers clubs.  It would be a huge competitive disadvantage.  So they stay on top of the technology to keep pace with the other golfers they compete against week after week.


Yet, with this principle being so basic, why is it with some of our businesses ventures we don’t seek out all of the tools we need to succeed?  Is it cost?  Time?  Fear of change?  Or simply not knowing what’s out there to help?  There will always be issues, and things to consider. But, start with the driver, maybe the putter.  Heck, you may even have free tools right in front of you that you’re just simply not aware of. We all find golf balls in the rough sometimes.  


Today Mortech’s Marksman software has tons of useful tools and has partnered with other companies to give mortgage lenders the BEST functionality to increase their businesses.  The simple question is why not use them?  Cost?  Time?  Fear of change?  You don’t know about them?  


To list a few:


-Consumer Connect Portal




-Email campaigns


-Good Faith Estimates


These are just a sliver of the tools available. One thing I know from working here is that Mortech constantly pushes to find the best tools for our lenders.


Today I’m glad to say I’m not hitting my mother’s golf clubs anymore. I don’t have the wooden tree trunk driver, and my putter continually gets more use.  No, buying the best clubs didn’t make me the best golfer.  I still have to swing them, and use them correctly.  I still have to implement strategy.  However, it’s much easier to do knowing that when I get my swing and strategy correct, the ball goes exactly where I want it. So can your business.


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