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5 Social Media Tricks Mortgage Pros Can Do Now

Posted by Renee Harvey on Jun 3, 2011 4:14:00 PM

Social media is hotter than the sweltering summer sun. However, it's continuing to evolve way faster than the planets orbit the sun and can be more challenging than getting the stars to align. Not to worry though, Mortech has you covered like SPF 100. Here are some tips to get you cookin'. 


  • Know Your Audience This is as basic as it gets – and while 99% of you acknowledge and adhere to this rule, it is vital enough to merit mention. Without a clear focus, it’s just filler.  And no one likes filler.
  • Connect with a Network. All the riches in the world and no one to share them would be a dismal existence, right? Social media is no different. Construct a network of contacts within your industry to encourage dialogue about your brand and gauge feedback among customers and competitors– all while building readership by connecting with like-minded people.
  • Start Now! With Facebook membership over 500 million strong and Twitter approaching 200 million users, it is evident that the future of the Internet is geared towards its “social” aspect. However, the serious potential offered by these platforms can lead to substantial learning curves. The sooner you become acquainted, the sooner you can begin employing it to your advantage.    
  • Integrate When it comes to social media, consistency is king. Align organizational strategies and messages across all channels. Link your Twitter and Facebook pages, but above all, keep it constant! This will aid you in establishing a brand identity and, in turn, building brand equity – known as the “Holy Grail” to marketing specialists.
  • Blog A blog should serve as the corner stone of your social media presence. Writing frequently about interesting topics –industry related or not – brings more traffic to your site and more traffic equates to more leads and, ultimately, more conversions. By no means is blogging an easy task, so be sure to check out some of the blogs that inform and inspire us:        
    • We’re a huge fan of mortgage veteran Kate Ford’s “Ask Kate” blog. A mortgage lender turned blogger, Ms. Ford aims to get borrowers the best mortgage rate possible, all while providing insight and clarification into the murky process. No question too simple or too complex for Kate!
    • Another blog that’s got us making a virtual trip daily is Dan Green’s “The Mortgage Reports.” Mr. Green takes an innovative approach when deciphering industry news and informing professionals and consumers alike. Past blogs have predicted future mortgage rates, shown how to lower your real estate tax bill and even illustrated the correlation between rising oil prices and mortgage rates.
    • The RMC Vanguard Corporation blog written by Owen Raun is another site we frequent and not just for the tasty morsels of new information. Mr. Raun beat an awful lot of people to the blogging punch, so the site is loaded with mortgage news relevant to everyone who has ever even thought about the topic.  

Be sure to check back soon for the second part of the series:

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