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RateBridge Connects Your Mortgage Rate Tables

Posted by Renee Harvey on Dec 21, 2010 11:04:00 AM

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, London’s Tower Bridge – there’s no doubt that these are marvels in today’s world considering their long history and unmatched architectural features; but what are the great bridges in the intangible world? How about a mortgage technology bridge such as Marksman’s RateBridge? Like its tangible predecessors, RateBridge gets users from point A to point C without worrying about the long and winding road of point B. Simple enough, right?



RateBridge eliminates the manual process completely by giving companies the ability to automatically populate rates to external websites and other rate table sources. Before getting into the benefits of this modern technological marvel, let's examine the blueprint:

  1. An Excel file is automatically populated from your Marksman account
  2. Company specific rate Excel file gets uploaded to external websites
  3. Accurate rates then get exposure to your partner sites.    

This blueprint is no doubt simple, but offers companies an endless amount of benefits.    


You don’t have to worry about manual entry errors with the automatic entry process and your rates are up-to-date, allowing for an overall efficiency. In addition, Marksman’s RateBridge ensures that your rates are consistent on the websites where you have a presence - all rate data is being populated from Marksman. These perks are all helpful, but the biggest benefit by far is that your company receives more prospects through increased awareness and exposure.


Learn more about the service, contact your Account Manager or schedule a demo to see the RateBridge in action. 


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