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Mortgage Pricing Engine: Buy One, Get One Free

Posted by Renee Harvey on Dec 10, 2010 9:57:00 AM

Okay so maybe the ladies will appreciate this a little more (or men who love to shop) but don’t you just love the ‘Buy One, Get One Free' sales? Buy one pair of shoes, get one free?  Or how about a young family planning on having two babies and they get twins? Bam - two kids at once! And everyone loves it when you get two bags of chips out of the vending machine but only had to pay for one, right?


Well Marksman is just that…and a bag of chips! With Marksman we don’t just give you accurate pricing and product information but you get lead management tools specifically designed for mortgage professionals too. Marksman is way more than just a mortgage pricing engine. With Marksman’s lead management tools, you get mortgage specific functions to help close the deal. You wouldn’t want that extra pair of “free shoes” in a size 6 when you wear a size 8 ½, right? Just as you need the correct “free shoes” for your feet, you need correct lead management features for your mortgage business needs.


As mortgage experts, Mortech understands the sales cycle of a mortgage lead and has designed lead management features to parallel that to a loan officer’s needs. Sure sending accurate (and automated) mortgage quotes to prospects is important, but what you do after initial contact is critical. After you send a mortgage quote you need to do more than write that person’s name down on a sticky note or add them to a long confusing excel document. You need to stay in contact with the borrower. Let them know you’re the right professional for their needs, inform them on your mortgage programs and keep them up to date on rate changes. With Marksman you can do just that. Get to the lead first, start the relationship and secure the transaction.


How are you currently managing leads? Tell us your process. Or contact us today to see how mortgage specific lead management can increase your ratios. 


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