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Marksman Release Notes Explained

Posted by Renee Harvey on Dec 8, 2010 11:47:00 AM

So you’ve most likely seen all different versions of the same software (Microsoft Word 93, XP, 2007, etc). Many technology companies will make upgrades to pre-existing versions of software products. These companies then make massive releases and announcements informing users of the new biggest thing. Occasionally companies will have good intentions with new versions of software. Sometimes there’s an apparent need for new software versions to be released since the old one just plain didn’t work (Windows Vista…case in point).


Or sometimes a company truly has made a new product that includes years of new technology. Other times, not so much. Some companies are simply using software releases as marketing ploys to give you the impression you’re getting a whole bunch of new features to older versions of the same software. Other times it’s a sales tactic to charge you more money for a few extra bells and whistles.


Either way, here at Mortech we do things a little bit differently. Updates to our software are done when it’s needed and at no cost to our customers. We don’t have Marksman 1.2, Marksman 3.4 – it’s all simply Marksman and we make improvements to our software on a needs basis. We don’t charge you more money, we don’t make you feel like you’re getting an entirely new product and we don’t make you get re-trained on an entirely new system. We simply give you more user-friendly features at no additional costs. We call these our Release Notes. These aren’t massive overhauls of our software, because massive overhauls aren’t needed. Marksman is a solid stand-alone product that gets new elements added to it - sometimes just because we see a need for an extra function before you know you even need it. However, the majority of these new elements are completely user driven.


The more feedback we get from our customers, the more updates are made. Some updates are made quickly and others take us a little bit more time. Either way, we’re always open to user feedback. Have a suggestion? Want to see some features added? Let us know and we’ll bring it to the programming team. If you’re looking for the latest copy of the Marksman Release notes, login to your account and visit the ‘Help Section.’ A link to the latest cool toys will be listed there. 


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