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Mortech Training Tips: Leave Your Customers on a High Note

Posted by Brian Hall on May 15, 2014 11:58:00 AM

Mortech Training TipsDon’t hate me but I’m a “Seinfeld” geek. I’m also an anti-dentite. To those that picked up that reference I salute you - to those that don’t share the affinity for one of the greatest shows about nothing, let me enlighten you with one of my favorite scenes.


George Costanza sits at a cramped table for a work meeting. We’ve all been there haven’t we? Elbow to elbow with our fellow workers. Each of us trying to come up with that golden ticket idea (full disclosure – I also love “The Office”). George’s character is no different. He longs to be confident. To be the hero. Fate just hasn’t been kind to him. The boss at the head of the table makes a statement regarding a work problem. George then makes a joke based on the statement. The room explodes in laughter. George, at first glance is puzzled, then seizes his opportunity. He’s found his high note and he was going to leave on that high note.


What is Mortech doing in the mortgage industry to end on a high note? Meaning, what are we doing to give each potential customer their best experience to date? Historically low rates have been the high note the past few years. Now what?


My wife and I are considering buying a new house. We’ve had a blast using the Zillow app to search for homes in our price range and even those that aren’t. However, the thought of going through the process again is daunting. We talked the other night about what would make the process less…shall we say…miserable?


Surprisingly we agreed on something. Not too much of a shocker – but if any of my four daughters start agreeing with each other, or me, I’ll know something is awry.


We agreed that knowing where we were in the mortgage process is a really big deal for us. That’s our high note we want to come away with. Knowing what to expect and when. Neither of us want to call our loan officer (LOs everywhere just started a slow-clap for me). Neither of us wants to ask 20 questions or email every other day. We just want to know.


That’s one of the great things about Mortech; we are constantly evolving and expanding our services for lenders and loan officers. From lead integration and mortgage lead management software, to web services and plugins through connect plus. These features and other Mortech offerings make the process so much easier for people like us who just want to know what to expect. Are you taking advantage of the tools at your fingertips to keep customers in the loop?


Mortech and Zillow offer the necessary tools to leave your customers on a high note  - whether you use them is up to you. Don’t know how to take advantage of everything Mortech offers? Lucky for you we have a training team ready and willing to assist (shameless department plug).


So gather in a cramped meeting room, preferably around a smaller than desired table, and figure out how to ensure each interaction ends on that high note! 


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