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Dynamic Pipeline: A Better Way to Manage Leads

Posted by Jeff Schneider on Dec 3, 2013 8:22:00 PM
Dynamic Pipeline | Mortgage Leads

Today I am excited to showcase one of our newest lead management software features, the Dynamic Pipeline, which was created specifically to keep the Loan Officer in mind. It is a great way to organize and streamline your daily workflow - offering multiple tools in one lead management system for your convenience. It was designed as a one-stop shop for lead management so that you don’t have to keep ten different systems running every time you need to work a prospect file.


Our mortgage CRM, the Dynamic Pipeline makes it easy to perform all the functions you need to in order to lock a loan, beginning with the creation of a lead all the way to the closing. Once the prospect file is in Mortech’s system, you can:

  • Keep track of the prospect’s ‘status’
  • Make edits to the file
  • Send current rates to the prospect’s email address
  • Track rates based on the prospect’s preferences
  • Send a secure 1003 application
  • Set up and keep track of follow-ups
  • Set up automatic email marketing campaigns
  • Export their files to your LOS
  • and much more!

When compared to our original prospect pipeline, you will notice right away that the Dynamic Pipeline is much more user friendly. The Dynamic Pipeline conveniently organizes your leads, showing the prospective borrowers that need to be contacted first at the top; it also includes a section that will house which leads you need to follow up with that day. Because the pipeline is dynamic, anytime anything is changed in the file, it updates throughout and will move accordingly to the different “buckets” on the home screen.


If you aren’t currently taking advantage of this amazing feature, begin now! Check our training resource center for upcoming lead management and Dynamic Pipeline webinars.

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